Spot the bug...

I’ll give you a clue, they’re both me. lol

I did a blueprint danger sign challenge and after finishing I spawned beside myself!


please check something is a bug before posting thats your blueprint marker with the car you drove and the paint and tune people will use if they do it. :wink:

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Not a bug at all. You do a blueprint bucket list and the marker shows up as the car you used. It is completely intentional.

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i was looking for a Volkswagen Beetle

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mine spawned behind the identical car after first blueprint… took a few seconds before I realized why the car wouldn’t move.

I thought it might be a marker until i drove into it and it bounced off across the map. I eventually smashed it up pretty good and left it on the rail lines.
Also another player shared their blueprint and it redirected me back to mine when i clicked on theirs.