Some cars aren't shifting gears right or at all in cockpit view

I’ve noticed some rally cars that I’ve used such as the Focus RS RX and #2 Audi Sport Quattro S1 do not shift gears correctly while in cockpit view. The Quattro only shifts once up and once down even when cycling through multiple gears. The RS RX doesn’t shift gears at all which is strange because I’m 100% it is a manual and that big lever to the right is the gear shift… This is on MANUAL CARS as I know there are indeed some that are automatic.

can confirm this, sometimes you hit shift button and it just skips it

I agree, it works fine with some cars, but some have no shift/handbrake animation at all, and e.g (stock) Mazda Miata 1990 have paddle shift animation, when it should be a manual stick animation.

I noticed too that there are several cars with no handbrake animation. This is a serious issue that completely ruins the driving experience.