[SOLVED] Forza 5 silverstone race can't finish it.


I have a problem with career race - I have silversotne 2 laps race and after i finisz the second lap no finish screens popups. I can race like 20 laps but can’t finish the race and cant progres through career. Anybody cna help me?

I’ve never heard anything like this. Perform a hard shutdown of your console by holding the power button on the Xbox (not the controller) until it turns off. Then, press the same button to power it on. This reboots the console completely - check to see if your problem still exists.

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I would start with what Shadow Edge said. If that doesn’t work then I would uninstall all of Forza and then reinstall and let all installs/updates completely install. Don’t start playing when it says “ready to play” until there is nothing left installing.

Also, let us know what works for you to help the next person this might happen to.

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yet another bug. microsoft should start fineing turn ten staff until every bug is fixed or withholding their pay. they get their share of our money when we get what we gave our money for. and stripping out half the game so they can charge us extra for it as dlc.

I have completed all of my career with no issues at all. Even when people were saying they had problems with Road America I was able to go back and finish all of the races with no issues. Same with Long Beach.

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was your xbox made in brazil or china?

Thanks for qucik help. Rebooting the console helped. Now ot works without problem. My cosnole is from china.

@rdo3: I don’t know where my Xbox one was made. Sorry.

mine is china too. maybe i should see if i can trade it fora brazilian one.