Sold Peel Trident By Accident! Doh

I went to auction off a spare Peel P50 and after selecting the max buyout price and hitting enter, I noticed an immediate sale notification so went to check it out and to my horror saw that I’d auctioned my Peel Trident FGS!

This is more embaressing than anything else, especially being a seasoned FH3/FH4/FH5 player, but I’m not surprised it happened as that stupid pink selection border in the GUI has never particularly stood to me personally, so obviously missed which car was selected.

Of all the stupid little bits of wasted time in this game, wouldn’t it have been wise to shown a picture od the car being auction on the last confirmation screen.

OK, I could wait it out in the AH to get one (hard, but achievable), but my personal challenge in Horizon games is to own all cars and be the original owner them all.

I suppose I can only hope the devs add it to the Autoshow or as a prize in a future seasonal.

What a fidiot I am!

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Mate I would give you mine if I could

I’m sure it will turn up as a Forzathon shop buy eventually. Just need to keep an eye open for it.

Pink Border is rubbish. Green Checkpoints are also rubbish near green signs. Basic game elements that people knew about in the 80’s… make important features stand out.

Yeah, I know. Active items should be easy to see with a sideways glance. I once suggested in the FH4 forum I believe it was that it would be better to have only the current active item illuminated, with all non-active items being filtered (if you know what I mean). You couldn’t get more obvious which item was currently active. I cannot tell at a glance when navigating the Festival Playlist screen and often go past the item I want to select.

It’s a bit rough and ready, but something like this (could also be employed on the car selection screen):

I think we can all admit to selecting the wrong car at least once or twice because of this so good point.

Screenshot above reminds me of another thing more difficult than it should be.You enter a 3 race championship,so why are races 2 and 3 usually next to impossible to find on the map without turning every other marker off? The markers should to be at least twice as big as they are now …Used to annoy me a little in fh4,but seems even worse in fh5

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Or why not give us the option to automatically fast travel like we do in online races in single player championships? Wouldn’t be hard to save us hunting around at all.


Also when you’ve cleared the map of all icons only for your choice to be forgotten later on. Drives me nuts!

Ahahaha this is my experience doing seasonals in a nut shell.

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Did the same thing in FH4, went to auction off one of the duplicate AMG C63 Coupes and instead put up the brand new GT 4-Door. It was early in the game and the first appearance of the GT. I got a sick feeling when I saw the sale notification just a few seconds later and had to walk away from the game because of an overwhelming urge to smash the controller into the floor. But it did teach me to doublecheck and I never did it again. And fortunately the GT returned as a Forzathon Shop item only about a month later.

Sorry Rip, I did that with 22B barn find in FH4. Still ticks me off.
Bought Trident earlier for friend, checked, you were not seller. My big shot at putting back with original owner fails.
I check, and double check anymore, still needs fix (we up to how many thousands of fixes now?)

Sorry to hear that happened. I’m always very paranoid about doing this, but have managed not to yet. Sometimes I back out just to double check I have the right car.

Have managed this a few times picking cars for races,but fortunately not in the auction house yet. I’m not up with auction house prices for various cars yet,esp the common but valuable ones,so always have a bit of a wobble when the keep/sell/gift option comes up on a wheelspin.Usually opt ‘keep’, just in case,and almost always my refused 500k from a wheelspin sale is worth 50k in the auction house :slight_smile:

I think a simple lock feature could be instituted to handle this.

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