So i finally hit Tier 10 reward level today but...

Was wondering if the Tier 10 reward car is gifted retrospectively or if you needed to have been Tier 10 at the games launch?
I received 75,000 credits reward earlier which was the difference between T9 and T10, im assuming ill also receive the full 425,000 credits as usual on Friday so was hoping to also claim the GT…

Either way im pretty stoked to have finally hit Tier 10 after 10 years of Forza :slight_smile:

You won’t receive gift cars until the next game launch. You will receive reward credits now.

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Ah ok. Thanks for answering that. Credit increase is a welcome boost anyway… just happy to have hit that Tier 10 milestone :slight_smile:

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Ha ha. Gifted retrospectively? What a chancer. :slight_smile:

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Welcome to the club, now reach for tier 11 :slight_smile: