Slim's Auto's

Here they are.

Collab with H3rTz.


Lamerz did the image.

Colab with Adam.

Thanks for looking.

Slim, these forums are a bit more strict on what is allowed in your picture target. Heres a bit of help:

While in Flickr select view picture, right click select properties, copy Address (URL)…then when posting in the Forums select the Insert Images Icon from the Message taskbar, paste Address URL into the pop-up box, a few clicks and walla! Hope this helps.


Thanks Dood.

One of the first Fantasy paints i bought on the storefront, one of the first photos i took…

fall by koiftt, on Flickr

Great paints Sean.
But these 2 are the ones i love

Of all these great paints I find these two to be above the rest:

This one because of the duality of the design, the profile vs the hands:

And this one because its so dang unique:

All in all…schweeeeeet!


Thanks fella’s.
Still need to put the rest up.

nice gallery, really like the phillips shaver paint

]ooking good bud

Thanks chaps.
I think i’ve got it all up now.

Cars are looking good Slim. We will have to catch up at some point as we haven’t spoken for a while. What did you mean by I think I have got it all up now? lol

Yeah Lee, we will catch up soon m8.
What i meant was i had to put the rest of my cars up 'coz i only had a few up to start.

ahhh OK. I thought you were talking about the Viagra again. lmao

Paints looking good Sean. Nice 2 see u back on Forza.

The Muira concept is one of my favs. Great designs I have quite a few of them.