This is ridiculous. Your devs haven’t been able to correct this bug since Horizon 3 came out. Why do I constantly have to change my graphic settings every week because the game keeps resetting them?

I am NOT updating graphic drivers or anything else when this happens.

When you install a new driver, which Nvidia for example is putting out like crazy lately, the PC is seeing it as new hardware so it resets the graphics. I think this is more of an issue with Windows Store games. Most games have saved config files and Forza does not, at least I never looked for it. Probably buried somewhere in its folder.

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my man. did you read what I wrote? this has nothing to do with updating any of my drivers. i specifically included that information knowing that the first reply would be something about having updated drivers.

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Well that’s what causes it for me almost every time there is a driver update. Than it something probably to do with your rights and it is not saving your settings because that is the only time that happens to me, You all want fixes for problems not everyone has. Try this, it will make sure you have admin rights for the windows apps folder. Sometimes windows updates mess the rights up.

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Hmmm resetting video settings is known bug for me as i know the fix, BUT ONLY resetting settings upon EVERY GAME LAUNCH. On yor example it really look like driver update.
Check if windows update is not trying to force some driver update (maybe it fails and re-trying) - disabling auto driver installing in this windows version 1809 is not working, it allways installing drivers no matter what.

But if you are 100% sure its not the drivers, tell me, which account you are using to login into system - Local or MS? If local, does it contain any non english letter or any signs ( . , : / ) ? If so, try to create new local account without any of above signs and letters, install the game (100MB download size this time) and write your resoults.

I had that issue often back in FH3, but it wasnt that often that Id freak out, so I just resetted it and went on.

Now in FH4 it happens alot.
And not only it resets my advanced graphics settings,
it also toggles off “fullscreen mode” and “show fps counter”

AND it also switches my “individual 1” controller bindings preset to “preset 16” every time.

Are you telling me that if microsoft updated my FireFox browser or whatever,
FH4 would think I’ve installed new game related hardware?

Since I now get the option to just continue with my old settings at startup.

Good Job on the last Update.