Sending gifts

in fh5 i have gifted well over 20-40 cars and haven’t gotten any kudos, is this an issue?

Yep, like so many other things in the game, it’s broken.

I haven’t even received confirmation that the gift was received, much less any kudos. I haven’t received any gifts either. It’s like it’s completely not owrking.

I have gifted a few cars (and a few “re-gifts”), and have received exactly one Kudo.

I no longer gift cars, I simply remove them from my garage, it is far simpler.

When I get a notice that I have been gifted a car, I just ignore it - not worth the effort to go get them - leave them to someone else.

No such issue here, i have gifted 8 or so cars and got 5 kudos.
It might be that people don’t pick up your gift, once i received a message about a gift, decided to drive a race, which had its finish line near the barn, after the race the gift wasn’t available anymore.

I don’t know what happens if your gift is not collected, if it goes to someone else, or maybe it’s just deleted and hence you don’t get kudos.