Save a race replay.

Hi everyone!
I would ask if someone have quite difficult for save a race replay in multiplayers mode.
I really like make clip of the races where I participate, so I can watch and publish them. But often is impossible because I have not the time for save them, the process is too slow!!
It is not a very big problem, but it is really frustrating when the race is compelling.
I hope all of this will be resolved soon, a car game like Forza Motorsport must do it in my opinion.
A big thank you in advance for your consideration.

Either record them using software like obs streamlabs (you do not need to stream, it can simply record your gameplay for you and you can edit it later if you want, just break the records per race so you can delete what you don’t want with ease) or you can save the replay. Either works, if I’m being serious about it I’d prefer a mixture of the 2, save the replay then record with OBS labs to do what I want with it.

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