SatNiteEduardos Tunes - Winter Trial tune shared

I have shared a few tunes. Given how rivals works I may not be judging them based on laptimes / world rankings like was possible on FH3.

Posting this from memory lol, will update / correct later.

1992 Ford Escort Cosworth rally tune
Opel Mantra Rally Tune - really good for the current seasonal trial
Lamborghini Sesto Forzathon Live tune (I did not necessarily tune it for that but its my go to car lol - it drifts, goes quick etc)
HDT VK Commodore tune from the first dirt rivals event - I assume my build is wrong but its a handy rally tune
Alfa 8C FE road tune - a little underpowered but glued to the road.
Honda NSX 1992 road tune
Nismo GT-R LM Forza Edition

I am not yet up with the best builds for FH and its harder to test given I used to use rivals events but will keep at it.

If anyone wants specific cars tuned for specific purposes out of road, dirt, cross country please post in this thread.

Awesome. Your tunes kept me competitive at least a year longer than I had any excuse to be in Forza Horizon 2. Thanks for your great work.

I have no specific requests. Just keep them coming and thanks again for your hard work.

I have shared a Chrysler Valiant Charger E49 tune for cross country which should be good for the current seasonal trial.

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Freakin awesome tune.

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Thanks lol. I knew one of my tunes was being well used. Now I know which one.

Always liked your tunes. and you pick cars that mostly I don’t think of. Thanx for sharing


sorry if this is offtopic, but I saw your thread about building cars on FH3 section. Does the formula still applies here?

I’m still looking for a way to cheese an S1 tune, sacrificing brake/tires seem to have lesser impact than lower classes (I’m losing more time in turns than gaining it on straights)