Satellite Array Danger sign bugged?

I’ve been trying for hours to get 3 stars on the satellite array danger sign but it seems the ramp is bugged. 95% of the time I hit the ramp it spears me off to the left and into one of the dishes. the remaining 5% either barrel rolls me or I crash into the tracks.

I haven’t been able to get one clean launch in what must be like 300 attempts.

Any one been able to get this?

What car did you use.

I’ve tried an Ariel Nomad, Hemi, One:1. Loads of others. I have all the other danger signs done bar one and I’m close on that one. Just this one seems impossible.

Yep I think in the One probably with AWD and rally suspension.

I am aware of the issues you mention but just rewind and take it at a slightly different angle each time.

From memory it took me around 10 attempts (certainly not 300).


Same car and upgrade setup did it for me. Took me 15 attempts to stick the landing and get the necessary distance.

I used V12 twin turbo swapped grand wagoneer, started from way back in as straight of an aim to the ramp I could aim slightly to the right before launch. A barrel roll is almost inevitable in any of the cars I used. But the wag I got to actually land on all 4 tires and get my 3 stars.

Sure I did this one first time yesterday in the Centenario, either that or the Nomad, don’t remember it causing me any trouble either way… Worst one of all was the sawmill one.

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Yep the saw mill is literary driving me nut’s!, I’ve done every type of flip imaginable.If we were getting scored on style we would be champions OP.Can’t say I’m looking forward to the array’s.

Hold on!, REWIND!, lol thx guy’s i totally forgot this was in the game :slight_smile:

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I did it with a Local Motors Rally Fighter. Max upgrades, offroad suspension & tires. Took like 5 attempts and a long approach from the fields.

I spent ages on this same Danger Sign, it’s total luck if you get a good jump or not. I used a fully upgraded AWD swapped Ferrari 575 on rally suspension, it’s pretty good at all the PR stunts.

Took a few tries but did it with Ford Crown Victoria awd swapped in A class. The tune is shared.

Car is also using race suspension instead of rally.

Rewind if you see it going to left.

Jump on the brakes as soon as you land to prevent skidding into tower.

Did it with a fully upgraded Aventador SV. I know exactly what you’re talking about. If you don’t have VIP, the regular Aventador should work as well. The One:1, Rally Fighter, etc. other cars mentioned would probably work too.

I’d turn Rewind on. I always have it off generally, but here, even the launch can decide whether or not you’ll succeed.

Back up a lot, give yourself some speed.

If right off the ramp you notice your car pulling left, rewind (may need to rewind 2-3 times to get back to a good spot). Otherwise you will hit a satellite dish. Try to aim for the right a bit, but be careful of the dumpster just before the ramp.

If you notice your car when in air twisting and turning around, you should probably just rewind. Some jumps I thought I had it, until it decided to go belly up close to the end.

Got it around maybe the 8th-10th try.

Did it in the Subraru WRX at S1 with rally kits fairly easily. -shrug- must have been lucky. There is a ton of space to get a run up though!

I managed this one in the Ford Ranger raid truck. You can slap the Enzo engine in it. :wink:

It also works well for the river jump where you must drive through water.

I tried this for a while in my X class Veneno and regardless of whether I went fast or slow and got off the gas before the ramp, I front flipped every time.

I moved on and came back after I was down to just this one and the jump in the river. I did the river one first, and instead of making my run up from the road, I souped up a truck and just came at it from the river, topping out at 111 mph. I kept coming up short, so I then make my RWD A class Nomad a full blown AWD S1. It topped out at 111 mph in the river, too, but it was light enough to easily get 3 stars.

Then I took that Nomad to the dish array. It didn’t flip, but it tended to nose dive like a javelin, even when I was off the gas hitting the ramp. I finally got the Nomad to get 3 stars by just slowing down a little and making sure I wasn’t on the gas while hitting the ramp. That Nomad works.

I just got this challenge and it’s driving me up the friggin’ wall! The ramp always launches my car and makes it go either in a barrel roll or sideways. You guys mentioned you used other cars. But in my game there are no options to pick any other cars other than the Rally Fighter. How do you pick another car?

Furthermore, some of you mentioned you used Rewind, but in my game the event explicitly says “No Rewind”, so how did you enable it?

Please help!

What exact challenge are you trying to do
Somebodys blueprint or something

It’s the Danger Sign jump by the Array of Satellites, where they put in a “Rally Fighter” Rally car, and you have to execute a jump from the ramp no less than 409,000 feet and achieve a perfect four wheel landing.

It’s all good though, I just did it! :slight_smile: