Rear view mirror toy

why not make a item list of theze things for your rear view mirror cockpit view that hang from it…

a stuffed doll…eliminator…grand master symbol…vip symbol

it moves in physics real…


Would rather have a rear view mirror decoration than all the unnecessary clothes, phrases and horns

I would rather have an actual rear view mirror in hood and bumper cams just like in Motorsport. Ridiculous.


A little troll doll with frizzy pink hair swinging back and forth.

I’d go for that.

We also need these options -

A) Ability to adjust transparency of onscreen HUD
B) Minimap to be shown option when all other HUD is turned off (I can’t remember if this is possible already or not but I feel not)

id rather not
im not 12 yo
the clothes and stuff is useless enough

How about bobbleheads? Now that
Microsoft owns Bethesda there must be dozens of characters to stick on the dash. Master Chief? Doom Slayer? Marcus Fenix? Phil Spencer?