Realistic goals???

Ok, I know this is probably stupid to many of you, but I find it really helps me. Worm took somewhat of a shot at me a while back by throwing stats in my face. Not looking to bring that up again, its just that it really motivated me. I started out by simply trying to get as many top 500 times as I could. I kind of stopped when I found my next goal, which was top 100 times. I set a goal for myself of getting 5 top 100 times by the end of the month. Well, I got 12 and one in the top 50, so I met that goal.

I need a new one now, but want to be realistic with it as I’m still pretty green despite the little success I’ve had. Any suggestions?

Just keep pushing forward Lou and aim for the top, you clearly are getting pretty quick. A few of your times I have had to push to beat, and I have been playing forza since the very first one.

good luck lou your next goal will be a 25 time, i know you can do it, i will give you 1 month. :smiley: i see a lot of potential in you!

Honestly, I don’t know if that is something I am capable of yet. I look at the differences between top 100 and top 50 and I get overwhelmed thinking I will never get there. The top 25 on most tracks is just way out of my league right now. I have a #40, but its on an out of the way track with very few players. My best time on a track that has a lot of players is probably Yas Marina Full and that is only #71, so I need to do some major improving before I hit #25 anywhere. I will give it a go though…

We the improvement you did in the last month… I think its not impossible.

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Thanks guys

you can do it, i believe in you. i think in 2 or 3 months you will hit top 30, i can feel your race blood, i know it’s hard but with a lot of practice you will earn a lot of success.

how about setting a goal to improve every time 5-10 spots each month.

Wouldnt that be “Be sure that you’re at the same position that the month before” ? :stuck_out_tongue:

Get -1 on all tracks including the nurburgring.

Looks like your current ForzaStats ranking is 1300ish. Perhaps you should set a goal to expand your Rivals racing into some higher classes and shoot for top 1000.

What is “hardcore” ?

No Assists.

You can use the race/brake line but that’s it.

Never looked at that before… I like that idea.

Same here…
I’m about 90k… But well, at least it would give me a goal to play FM5…

World Peace?

Every week try to get up 1-5 spots

Beat Snack 31. LOL. See you around.

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Pursue rankings in D class on forzastats. Get your top 100s and try to get ranked top 100 or 50 or 25 overall in the class. Same can be done for hardcore.

Eventually you’ll learn who is on your level and you can set mini goals to try and beat player X on every track.

I did this in C class and it was fun. You start noticing the comers and try hard to keep pace. I far exceeded my goals and will make my way thru the class once again eventually to see what I can do. I only wish I had more time