Race Paint vs Fantasy Paint Etiquette

I’ve been kind of confused on what I should put in this forum and what goes in the fantasy forum. Obviously if I make a replica like the Gurney Cuda or the classic Lemans/Sebring racers it goes here. And if I make a non-race fantasy design it goes in fantasy (not something I do much of real anyway)

But what about a race design that is not based on a real race car at all?

Should I be putting things like that here or in fantasy? I put it in fantasy since it wasn’t a replica, should I have put it here?

Also, what about a design that is a replica of something that isn’t a race car?

It’s an accurate replica of a real life vehicle, but it isn’t a race car.

I think something like the Border Patrol car can go in here. Also race designs, original or replicas go in here. Fantasy booth is dominated by anime/cartoon cars and other such stuff that is more art and less utilitarian for racing.

I had been thinking of posting this question for a while then you commenting on my thread in the other section prompted this to get it out where it could be discussed. I posted it in that thread to but it is kind of buried there. I can see it both ways really. The forum description lines kind of lead me to do it the way I did

Although intuitively I would have put non-replica race cars here, the description says fantasy is a place for original paints. That was my primary confusion. The non-race replicas didn’t seem to really totally have a home. Good to get another opinion of it since I didn’t find it to be clear. I should probably consolidate everything into one thread in this section.

I can see your confusion. You can consider the fantasy paint section as the artsy paint section, and the race paint section as the race and/or utilitary paint section.