R31 Skyline DR30 Replica

Hello everyone. I don’t normally do paints, but I’ve wanted to have an R30 Skyline in Forza since the series first started, and thanks to the R31 in the new DLC, I can finally almost have it. This is a simple replica of a later-model RS-Turbo, available in red, silver, and white. There’s also a version for the widebody kit (haven’t finished the white variant for that yet). I’m not expecting to set the paint world on fire here, but if you’re a fan of the classic two-tone RS-Turbo, I have the paint for you!


Search “DR30 RS Turbo” if you’re interested, and thanks for looking!


Nice work!

Think these look great! Was disappointed when i saw the car didnt have these side decals and i didnt have the time/patience to replicate the font so will download yours!

Cool stuff, looks really well done