Question about Forza Horizon 4

Hi, I’m thinking in buying the Forza Horizon 4, but while reading opinions and checking the forums of the game I saw that people complain about crashes when buy, upgrading or editing cars and when saving, sometimes even when starting the game. Can someone with the game tell me if this is normal or if its just in some cases?

And the ultimate or deluxe edition make a big difference in the game?

Thank you in advance

The game doesn’t have a problem with crashes for 99.99999% of people.

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I have played this on Xbox One X for bit over a year or so. So far game freezing and/or freezing and crashing to Xbox dashboard has happened very rarely. Less than once a week and during this current pandemic I have been playing a lot.

I do believe crashing issue is real for some user cases and if I were you I would probably try to look if it happens a lot on your platform, Xbox One/One X/PC and consider your options after that.

I’m not sure about all the differences between Ultimate and Deluxe edition. I purchased Ultimate Edition before second expansion, LEGO-thing was released and was disappointed by it. Storm Island expansion has one very good Drift Zone, Treasure Hunt story gives lot’s of credits, but overall it was underwhelming for me.

Ultimate VIP feature doubles credits from race event and thus reduces grind significantly. I would go for Ultimate if that’s available on discount for VIP double credits feature alone, despite expansions being disappointing.

I used to play on an Xbox One X, and now play on PC, and I have experienced very few crashes on either platform. I suspect many problems arise from people using incorrect components or settings in PC builds, for example they may not check that the specific RAM modules they buy are on the approved hardware list for the motherboard and/or CPU.

Ultimate can be bought later as an add-on, allowing you to only buy it if you like the game. Check out the price of the standard game, the ultimate version, and the ultimate add-ons bundle, to see if there is a cost saving from going straight for ultimate from the start. The prices can vary a lot at different times and from different retailers.

Ultimate is a nice extra, it gives a lot of extra tracks, and Fortune Island and Lego each have their own individual style that is distinct from the mainland. You also get some extra cars that would be annoying to not have access to if you care about being competitive, such as the Ferrari FXX and Ford Roadster.

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PC player here.
I have 70 days of play time over one year span and my game CTD maybe twice in all that time, had some starting problems all do to using Avira (all that is gone, as I’m using Kaspersky now) and had to do reinstall of the game about a month ago on desktop, do to some strange problem of game running extremely slow. I run game on desktop and gaming laptop, both of similar spec: i7, 16GB RAM, nVidia 970/4GB (desktop) , 1060/6GB (laptop), both SSD OS and game running from HDD.

I went for ultimate, when it was on sale and I’m glad I did, do like both expansions and collecting cars. :slight_smile:

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I’ve played since day one, over 1,000+ hours playtime and never once had a crash on PC.

Only difference between ultimate etc… editions is the car pack (which gives you some nice cars) and VIP what to me isn’t worth it. Car pack was worth it to me.