Quality Of Life Improvements Megalist

I’m compiling a mega list of Quality of Life improvements and small features which I believe would drastically improve the game. I’ll update this thread periodically with any good suggestions.

Prizes & Shops

  1. Remove Forzathon points and Forzathon shop
  2. Remove all prizes from seasonal challenges including car rewards

Introduce a new currency and shop called Horizon Points and Horizon Shop. The Horizon Shop contains all prizes/rewards that would otherwise appear in the Forzathon shop and seasonal playlist. This shop is updated with new items each week. Items can be purchased from the Horizon Shop by spending Horizon points which are awarded in various quantities by doing anything in this game, including but not limited to, online racing, eliminator, speed traps, event labs, drifting and of course the seasonal playlist.

Seasonal Playlist

  1. Each challenge on the seasonal playlist can be completed at various difficulties. The higher the difficulty the more Horizon points are awarded.
  2. Seasonal challenges offer bonus Horizon points.

Multiplayer Content

  1. A new ranking system is introduced which ranks all players from bronze, silver, gold to platinum for each online mode. There is a separate rank system for each mode such as online racing vs eliminator vs playground games vs drifting.
  2. Players are matched with similarly skilled players based on rank. Players can be matched with other ranks but only when queues cannot be formed in a timely manner due to a lack of players to choose from.
  3. Player ranks are displayed using an icon by their name and the respective rank colour.
  4. Merge arcade events into online tab.
  5. Allow users to play the game while waiting for queue to pop and always display queue time at top middle of screen.
  6. Penalize deserters that quit any online mode by not allowing them to queue for any online modes for 5, 30, 60 minutes respectively if they quit an online mode once, twice, three times within a short period.

Horizon Solo

Ability to change the following settings in Horizon Solo:

  • Traffic density
  • Weather
  • Time of day
  • How fast time changes

Playground Games

  1. Players who queue for playground games are randomly assigned to a new team each round. The individual player wins overall if they win more then they lose.

Open World

  1. Revert back to a system similar to FH4 where players join an open world lobby but in this case each lobby can have 64 to 128 players all visible on the map.


  1. Remove cheat/bug times from leaderboards
  2. Add ability to filter leaderboards by car model and class
  3. Add new additional monthly leaderboard


  1. Consolidate both menu’s into a single menu accessible anywhere.
  2. Dynamically display content based on user, i.e. most played content on first tab, least played content on last tab.

Car Garage

  1. Allow users to tag cars in their garage with custom tags, i.e. “Dirt” and filter cars based on tags
  2. Remember last used filter and sort, with button to reset both to default

Event Labs

  1. Allow users to create image/preview for event labs they create
  2. Change event lab voting system from yes/no to a scale between 1 and 10, with the ability to not vote.

Auction House

  1. Allow users to set the min/max/buyout of any car with no price cap.
  2. Set default min/max/buyout based on cheapest listed car minus 1%.


  1. Expose all data through APIS and issue access keys if data must be governed.

Some excellent suggestions.

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Updated with various additions

Free camera movement in the vinyl editor would be nice so we can see every part of the car perfectly


For Rivals I’d bring back the credit rewards based on how high up you go (maybe too far the other way but I made millions in FM4 from 1 Autocross event as you received 250k when you got up to the really good times + beat a rival) and daily + weekly challenges on top of monthly ones with credits/wheelspins/super wheelspins as rewards for your final placing at the end.

May sound excessive but if Dirt Rally 2.0 can do that a Forza game with much more resources should be able to.

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They need to nemove the custom route credit cap of 100,000. That’s what stops me from making or playing custom routes.

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The Menus… thought they were hamfisted and playskool in FH4 - Fh5 did not improve upon this at all. And then, the key difference - moved objects around on tabs & pages that were largely exactly the same as FH4 meaning the whole thing feels like "we moved stuff around just so it didn’t look the same as before not because we actually did any QoL improvements there.

If I’m in Horizon Online - can we ditch the second confirmation that I want to change cars?
I mean, I get this as a protective measure in other areas… but in the open world… I see no value to being asked AGAIN if I want to change to the car I just scrolled though my garage for.

Can we please pick one of the cardinal directions and always spawn/fast travel the cars according to it? And or, make it so cars spawn pointed in the last direction you were pointed Or according to what lane you’re in… I mean anything other than always exactly the opposite of what you really want. It’s literally uncanny how bad the spawn direction is in this game. I feel like if they simply reversed the current algorithm it would be perfect because - I only spawn cars pointed the direction I want to go about 30% of the time. it’s something so stupid and simple but would be such a huge QOL improvement.

Stop making the default endpoint on any change to a tune, livery, or paint end in “Share”.
This is a workflow issue - and what I mean is: A lot of players just spam the confirm button to get through menus (See point #1 above about the menu) - they mostly end at “Share” and thus we flood that system with what are essentially little more than different paint colors anyone could make.

When you do set out to take the time to create something good, it’s buried instantly by this crush of shared content that really isn’t anything at all. Admittedly - my #2 downloaded livery is Chrome black Lambo Contach with gold rims. My 2021 LeMans livery for the 488 Pista - Maybe 10?

When you go and look at some of the top downloads for cars, and see people getting Master for what amounts to a stock color that got shared at the right time - it doesn’t exactly encourage one to participate fully in that system. I feel like, I will have better luck flooding the system with sub-par entries than actually taking time designing a good piece.

Now what I do I do for me these days, and share it anyway. I’ve made better progress making vinyls lately anyway for some of the more popular rare cars - and yeah, some of my shares are basically some custom color I tuned up and change some other stuff. and shared. It’s a quantity not quality system.
(anyway shameless plug - check out my hub if you like nice colors, and classic stuff)

Speaking of Master level … 50,000 … Okay, I get that in the age of social media some people are going to blow this number away after one video… yay, good for them. And I mean that. But it somewhat starts to look like the system is more for them - and not for normal players. Given the way the system works as outlined above… and, even the amounts of CR you get seem based on - not letting players like DJS or other popular content creators run away with the in-game economy because they have this “click-like & subscribe” reach.

Here is the problem - People like them are probably already maxed out on a lot of things in this regard, and normal people trying to hit these goals are no closer at all. And what they are maxed out at doesn’t really matter… Oh… they have max CR and can list basically any car on the AH for 20m … as if people are going to buy the 20m Honda chiz box over the 3k one because it was listed by some YT personality. (I mean, it is well established that fools and their money soon part right…). I see no reason to have caps this high when the system itself favors quantity not quality and is flooded all times by people that are spamming through non-intuitive menus.

Can we please just consolidate the in race tallies for CR/XP and all the other stuff you total at during the race events… wheel spins during cut scenes!!! Then spit you out to the world to go through the whole thing again… so many people are baffled by the fact that you only show CR earnings after you’re spit out of any given race very last on on the HUD where not a lot of other stuff shows up, and or is re-shown from the other in race places you’re showing us. Like, We level up on of these screen, then go through all the level up processes - and when we return to the world we see another count up, and another wheel spin notification - even though we already did them both.

Explain the mechanics of features in a transparent way: e.g.: The biggest offender: The Daily wheel spin. Why don’t you just tell us how it works and what time it’s based on so people can know and plan to show up and get their spin - I mean, this was the object right, to get people in the game??? Or did you really expect people to just sit around all day in game waiting for it to fire?? (we know the answer). Can’t you tell us what the rules are for this? Seems simple and would help so many people.


some better lighting in the paint shop wouldn’t hurt either


The ability to zoom out and see the entire map would be most welcome.

And while they’re at it, make the huge text boxes transparent, so I can at least see the start/finish point of whatever asinine hoop I’m having to jump through.


Some really good ideas here!

I would sure love if the Eliminator map icon wasn’t three times the size of other icons. Why is it so massive? Are they trying to push it that hard? (Please just leave me alone, Eliminator.)

There needs to be some way to deal with Horizon Arcade idlers. Yesterday I started a drift arcade and made it to the second stage then noticed it was progressing very slowly. I looked around the map and found three other players parked on the highway. Sure I can quit out but that ruins my fun and it still gives them points for the first stage, doesn’t it?

Later on in FH4’s life they came out with the backstage pass for easily picking up exclusive cars. I thought this was a great idea. What anonyyymous suggested about Horizon Points is good, too. I’ve felt that ALL exclusive content should remain available forever for those who might have missed out, keep the door open so they can legit earn it somehow. Putting all of these items into a separate shop would be a decent way to do it.

As someone who spends far too much time building and playing custom races and who enjoys 80 mile endurance races in lower class cars, I also want to see the $100k limit removed. Kindly stop punishing everyone because some people abused in game mechanics? If the AFK autodrive exploit is such a concern then maybe adjust the difficulty modifiers to put a cap on how much you can earn when all of those features are combined.

Being able to zoom further in for livery editing would be really, really awesome. Better camera control all around would be wonderful. Some cars are so long in front it’s impossible to see everything while you’re working.

Drift transmissions. Make them available to ALL cars (except maybe electric ones.)

While we’re at it, how about all of the tire options? Having an offroader restricted to offroad only tires is kind of boring. (Here’s looking at the three new Toyota pickup/4x4s.)

In the creator, what about ROAD road pieces? Asphalt slabs are better than nothing but they aren’t very grippy and are tedious to work with. More tile options would also be wonderful here. Grass, gravel, mud, snow, ice, cobblestone, brick… Surface textures are fun to work with!

An easy way to replay custom races! Play it through, collect all of your rewards, then hit a button and go straight back to the car select screen for another run! FH5 REALLY needs this!

If we can’t have the ability to adjust season/time of day/weather/drivatars/etc on the fly before starting a custom blueprint then how about letting us have more than five blueprints per starting location? There’s only so many race start locations to go around and having different weather options uploaded uses up this quota very quickly.

I need to stop. Suffice to say this game could benefit from a whole lot of adjustments.

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Another thing that comes to mind - a way to change car without leaving a rivals event.


The ability to swap tunes from within Rivals was a feature at the very start of the games life - and what a positive difference it made too.

Unfortunately, because it was being abused, PGG decided to simply remove it instead of fixing it.

Quelle surprise!


Changing all open world areas such as drift/speed zones as well as Arcade events to opt-in, that is we have to press a button to enter the event.

I don’t want to get through a drift/speed zone for the N’th time when I’m just cruising.
Also quite a few times I was doing an Arcade event when random player passed through the area without any intention of completing the event, thing is… they were automatically entered, increasing round thresholds which participating players had to beat. This is particularly annoying when only 1 person is doing the Arcade, and the requirements are doubled (?) when someone passes through.


A confirmation for Arcade is extremely important to me. When I’m just trying to have a nice drive it really sucks to come up to an Arcade circle and drive around the whole thing just to avoid it.

People actually attempting the Arcade have a bad time due to the increased requirements, people not wanting anything to do with it have a bad time because it interrupts what they were doing and erases their original GPS route. Also, it’s loud as hell. The blimp is loud, and the music is unaffected by the volume slider. A way to completely toggle the appearance of Arcade events would be ideal.


My suggestion for arcade is point [5] under the Multiplayer Content section. Basically move arcade into the online tab and have users queue just like any other online mode. That should solve your problem, as well as afkers and lack of players and endless waiting to get the event you want.

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How about deactivating anything that’s deselected on the map view? Hide drift zones (or speed zones, or whatever) on the map, and they don’t show or trigger when driving.


Loyalty rewards

Make car names uniform, e.g. Evo VI, VIII not year in auction house and elsewhere. Some Ferraris have year, most don’t. Same with common/rare/whatever tags. No correlation to rarity.

Tune or car change in Trial. I’ve been caught out with lousy tune, but quit and restart is waste.

Much of above also desirable.

I’d still really like the garage sorting to make more sense. When you search for a certain class of vehicles like retro rally or classic rally the entire list is a complete random mess. Similar classes are not grouped together. Nothing is alphabetized. Who came up with this? It’s tedious.

Being able to disable PR stunts and Arcade events in freeroam would be wonderful, agreed! It’s so jarring to be out for a cruise then get hit with a voice telling me about Horizon Arcade. I swear the arcade events are never anywhere to be found when I want to play them and are everywhere when I want to avoid them.


Lol yup