[PROBLEM] FH4 Crashing to desktop

Hello !
I just install my Forza on my new PC, and start playing. After few minutes my game crashing to the desktop without any issue and warning :confused:
It’s very disgusting… sometimes after 20-30 minutes, and sometimes after 5 minutes… I need help :frowning:


You’re right; it is disgusting.

Welcome to the club :slight_smile: https://forums.forzamotorsport.net/turn10_postst133057p20_Forza-Horizon-4-crashing---a-lot.aspx?=

after the patch a few weeks ago it started to crash / micro sutter alot on pc

So at this moment, this problem is unexplained and can not be fixed yes ? :confused:

Please look into this its happending alot
i would like to do 50 lap goliath challenges but im to scared the game will crash halfway in the race

I have 2 computers to play this game, which are A computer and B computer.

Recently, A computer flash crash when start to play the game for unknown reasons. The solution on Internet is to go to [Applications and Features] and select the program and reset the game.

A computer encountered this problem, after resetting the game, it will read the progress of the cloud, and it can play normally after reading.

After than I USE B computer to play FH4 reads the cloud progress of the A computer after the reset, B computer game got crash in the screen of start of the Lego land.

So I tried to reset the game on the B computer and re-read the cloud record and still crash.

I have tried it twice, always crash. so I try not read the progress of the cloud on the B computer. than play from the beginning ( for the kids to play stroll around the map)

After returning to the A computer to play this game again, the A computer directly reads the B computer cloud record which has no progress.

As a result, my game progress is now zero. I spent more than 500 to 600 hours to reach about 300 levels and more than 500 vehicles and more than 40 million game coins.

This is really a big blow. I don’t know if anyone can understand what it feels like?

Is there any way to save my game progress? Thank you!!!