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Am going to get the premium upgrade version for forza horizon 5 do I need to buy the game or can I use the Xbox game pass to play it on the 5th of November

You do not need to buy the base game if you have games pass. You can just buy the premium upgrade and you’ll still get the early access.

However, something to keep in mind is that if you ever unsubscribe to games pass or Forza Horizon 5 gets removed from sale (happens to all Forza games eventually due to licensing agreements), you will lose access to both the game and the premium content you purchased. Probably not a concern for a long while, but worth mentioning.

PS you can always buy the game later when it’s in sale to prevent this.

When FM7 was removed from GP they did gift everyone who had bought content the game to keep, can’t guarantee they’d do that again but I’d like to hope they would.

Keeping game pass ultimate all the time
And thanks for the reply

That still won’t protect you from the game dissapearing from sale. Once it does it will no longer be on games pass. Don’t blame PGG, this is (most likely) a car manufacturer or two being overly controlling with their brand. PGG have to abide by the rules set forth in their licencing agreements.

This will be 2 or 3 years after the games release though at least before this happens, and all the way up until that point you’ll be able to buy the game and keep it and play it forever.

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With every Forza game so far, EOL has been 4 years.


Thanks, very useful info!

If you buy extra content, you do own that extra content. But, you don’t own the base game unless you buy it separately.
Ah, you’ve just edited your comment. No worries.

Yep, they merged the topics.

I refunded the addon and bought the full edition instead, thanks for taking the time to answer!