Planning to buy Forza Horizon 4. Should I be concerned?

Hello, first of all, I have never played any Forza game before apart from playing demos and in friend’s PCs. I am thinking of picking up Horizon 4 for Christmas, BUT, this is where I need the community’s help.

I have been reading in the forum recently, that since the Dec. 13th update, the game has been crashing a lot with freezes and such as well, especially in Forzathon events and during other activities as well. Now, I play on PC and I have seen reports for both console and PC. I have heard of past PC Forza ports of FH3 and FM7 to suffer from stutters and memory leak issues. I do not want to spend money on a game, willing to play and facing crashes and freezes and what not. From what I have seen, the game looks great, except for maybe a bit too lenient progression system, so I want to buy it but i am nervous, what if I face so many issues I cannot even play properly.

I have tried to opt for the 14 day trial, but for some just another stupid Microsoft reason, I cannot seem to add any card to my payment method. I keep getting error that my info is wrong. That’s a discussion for another day, but to sum up I have no way to try it out, hence I am asking here.

If according to you the game is indeed crashing quite a bit, then I will think otherwise.