Photomode updates are coming, what are your expectations?

No one’s talking about it, but it was confirmed in the last stream that PG are updating the photomode. What photomode needs right now are:

  • Removal option of Drivatar
  • Panning Mode
  • Adjusting time of the day
  • Camera height should go way more up, maybe 4 times that how it is now.

What else? :3

Keep your expectations low and you will not be disappointed.


I would like to see the addition of:

Ability to turn off headlights/taillights
Ability to remove characters from vehicle
Better render distance just for photomode
Same settings inside the festival/houses (20x zoom, etc)

  • BugattiBreno

If they adjust the range of the camera’s height in photo mode, hopefully they make it so the drone can fly higher, too.

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There are only 2 things I’d like to see:

Increased camera height limit.

Ability to do filtering/colour correction (“Instagram filters” for want of a better word).

Would love more camera height. Doesn’t go near high enough at the minute. Getting rid of the Drivatar would get my vote too.

I think being able to pick the time of day would be cheating tbh. The whole point is that you capture a specific time and place - especially important given how amazing the lighting in this game is. If you can just switch between day and night, where’s the challenge in that? Plus, time of day changes really quickly anyway, so it’s not like you have long to wait in-game if you prefer night to day.

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ability to take shots via a “photo mode” button/tab on the menu versus hitting the button and having a split second delay while trying to take rolling shots.

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Do not want adjust time of day…that is cheating.

It will introduce the same enhancements as FM7.

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Which is?

My main complaint is I really hate having to adjust focus slider every time.

The two main photomode enhancements I would like to see are Forzavista anywhere and the ability to pick a specific season, weather, and time of day. Also, the ability to use photo mode while flying the drone would be great.

In terms of expectations, I don’t really have any. Not worth having them only to be disappointed.

4K photos would be nice.

i like all of the above suggestions. i might be in the minority, but i wish for the option to have our characters be able to get out of our vehicles, and pose with our cars.

I’m going to copy off of you for a minute, because I like your ideas.

My main (and odd) wishes are:

  1. Characters cam get out of the cars and pose.

  2. (Maybe I haven’t found it yet) the ability to tilt the camera 360 degrees up down left right.

  3. The option to make it look like there is more or less tire smoke.

  4. The ability to add lighting to certain areas (shadows).


Let’s be honest, it looks like avatars are here to stay. Yes I too am tire of winning clothes but that’s a different topic.

I would suggest to have a few selectable default avatar poses in the photo mode. I like taking advantage of the great graphics and beautiful lighting and scenery that Forza has to offer as many do too. Unfortunately, there is always a half-witted dolt staring blankly into space when we shoot our photos. Especially with open cockpit cars like this, the avatar look pretty… dumb. You can opt to remove all damage in photo mode which is cool so I don’t think that would be too hard to add. Having the option to have a concentrated look, hunched over, throwing a peace out sign, or whatever.

For instance my character is going probably 60mph in the snow sliding sideways and fighting for control in this image. However, he still looks as if he is enjoying a cup of tea at the local cafe. Again, I’m not talking about driving mode but just in photo mode.

I also agree that Avatar Delete @ a stand still would be nice. Can’t expect to delete them while driving (that would suggest ghosty-spirits exist), just at a stop.

Edit: Thanks to who ever put this reply in the right place! :wink: