Perfect drift car for the drift challenged people like me

Well I’m completely shocked but I found the perfect drift tune for the people that stink at drifting like me. I use automatic, standard steering, abs and both traction control and stability off. I blew right through all the HW’s drifts zones while utilizing running starts and braking like I have never drifted before. If you have a really hard time drifting you should try this out especially on the HW’s drift zones.

The Blur 77 - Dodge Viper GTS ACR 1999 S2 977 AWD (have a racing tune also so pick the right one)

Honestly, I really couldn’t believe how easy they were after repeated failure at drifting. Hope it works out for you if you need it…

(posted a couple of places because it was so easy and I’ve read numerous complaints about drift difficulty)


Its IMO the great drift car with the best angle recover than many cars lack, But nobody would understand that F12 Berlinetta is one the best drift cars with somewhat best angle,But the angle recover is great in that car… The upgrades are everything max except stock springs,stock antirollbars,stock rollcage & stock tires ofcourse its AWD & Stock bumpers not the ones with adjustable… Tune is 55 PSI tire pressure on both wheels,Gears-1st gear should reach 105 MPH,Second gear should reach 133 MPH,3rd gear should reach 162 MPH & Others your wish,Brakes 80% Front & 180% pressure, Differential everything should be 100% except Front accel/decel is 0%… Just try it guys… I raked 166459 drift points in outback’s biggest drift zone… Atlast the car should be S2 925 :slight_smile:

Only had around 10 downloads and 0 uses last time I checked but I know some of you/us need help.

I am among the world’s worst drifters in the Forza universe but I was shocked to find I could (fairly easily) get 3 stars on all of the Hot Wheels drift zones by using the Hot Wheels barn find car upgraded to S1 (I leave the actual name of the car out of here for spoiler purposes)… I will soon see if it works in the main game also! It has a very unusual steering angle that I think helps.

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Try the D class king, an Alpha Romero GTA. I got all 3 stars the first try with that car.
It’s weird seeing a D class car topping S1 &S2 cars so easily.

What about BM ??? got a tune.

yes its called ATdrift zone car, or perhaps just AT drift car. Can’t remember what exactly i named it, but the AT stands for All Terrain. Its a rally suspension tune, so it should work in BM too.

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I found the AT drift car but it was by a different GT and I found several others under your name so I’m wondering which one to try.

My Viper tune worked wonders not only on HW’s but on the mainland also. Not sure about BM yet as I’ve been back on my COD4 addiction.

There’s a D class Alfa GTA tune that can get unreal scores and double/triple the requirements for 3 stars. It seems to be a bug with the car/tune, its AWD and the angles or speed don’t need to be high - yet the points go up REALLY fast

When it came time for tackle Horizon 3’s drift zones, more often than not, I found the stock Jaguar F-Type Coupe to be a very good car to start with.

Check out my GT86 drift tune. Twin turbo V8, 1000hp. Stay in second. Won’t disappoint, guaranteed.

Stock s14 on blizzard mountain.

Thanks for this. Definitely giving it a try. I find drifting frustrating and I really stink at it. lol

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Surprisingly, I beet a lot of drifters in my pagini zonda cinque. The tune is up, it’s called “best circuit” and some numbers. It can Ben used for circuit but also can be used for drifting.

Will punish myself and give it another go.

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I would like to add again that my tune was used with the automatic transmission. Yes I’m that bad :).

With the alpha I used auto and traction control… I forgot it was on tbh. I’d don’t really matter anyway because It is so slow that you are kind of forced to snake down the road at low speeds. It’s very manageable and the scores it gets are just stupid! It may not even be as intended by devs, aka a glitch. It’s THAT stupid. Try making your own D class alpha GTA tune if you must, but try it!

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I don’t think it matters but if you are asking which one of my tunes to choose, always go with the most recent one. I learn just like everyone else.

I’ve personally found any RWD car upgraded to around 500-600 horsepower has enough break to be reasonably competent in drifting without tuning.