PC is extremely "stable" and works "brilliantly"

So after the second most recent patch, the game crashes after reaching the results screen after EVERY race. It doesn’t matter if its free play, career, or multiplayer/rivals. clap clap “stability improvements” Nice.

After the most recent patch, there’s a setting to enable headlights in the rain. Wanted to pop that setting on for pretty pictures, however, headlights do not turn on in the rain despite the setting being set to on. Nice, 100% working features, come to FM7. (All graphics settings set to their highest, except motion blur. Resolution set to 1080p. Render resolution set to 110%. FPS counter on, with game set to 60fps V-Sync enabled.)

There’s still a major problem with tabbing in and out of the game. Tabbing out results in the game soft locking sometimes. If it doesn’t soft lock, then when I tab back in, the game crashes without hesitation.

There’s also a sound issue I’ve noticed (despite the Eurobeat pounding in my ears), where randomly, after shifting up or down, the engine sound will loop what it was before the shift for approx 2-4 seconds. Really annoying problem, and its definitely not my mobo’s sound card, no other game or sound producing software has any hitches similar to this (for example, the Eurobeat playing through Spotify while I play has no loops, skips, or any other glitch/hitch at anytime during gameplay. Not to mention that other in-game sounds are perfectly normal). I have the audio quality set the highest, but this happens on every quality level.

Unrelated to FM7: Windows Teredo Tunneling adapter still breaks itself after a PC reboot, have to completely reset the entire Windows IPv6 stack and reboot a second time after a singular reboot. Someone needs to just fix Teredo so 1 reboot doesn’t have to equal 2.

PC Specs:
CPU: Intel Core i5-4670k (stock speeds)
Disk (game install location): 500 GB 5400rpm HDD
GPU: ROG Strix GTX 1070
OS: Windows 10 Home (x64) v1709 (Fall Creator’s) build-16299.19