[PC} Constant Crashing

Both F7 and the F7 demo crash nonstop. Seems to crash more in the menus. In fact, the first time I booted up the game after paying $100 it immediately crashed. I tried disabling the Windows 10 gaming mode. Been waiting 5 years for a full title Forza game on PC, could not be more disappointed. This is not a hardware issue as every other game and benchmark runs flawlessly.

PC specs:
Win10 (duh)
i7 3770k
GTX 1080 (latest NV drivers)
Z77 Sabertooth
No overclocking

I should also mention I get a lot of audio stutter. Right before crashing the audio stutter gets worse. I’m crashing every 3 to 5 minutes in menus… Honestly unplayable.


Right click start button “Run” and type “Eventvwr.msc” (press enter) … then on the left side look at “Windows Logs” → “Application” or “System” . you should see Forza7.exe (or whatever the exe file is called) in there somewhere.
If FM7 is in there, click on it and look below at the “Faulting module” or a “Exception code”.

Same sort of thing…


I have this exact same issue.

I’ll give you a few things to try, might solve it, or not.

1 : Did you also turn off Windows Game Bar and DVR in windows settings?

2 : In Nvidia Control Panel - Power Management Mode - Prefer Maximum Performance
In Windows Control Panel - Power Options - High Performance Plan

3 : Do not run any Overclocking / monitoring / video capture software. (MSI Afterburner, EVGA Precision, Rivatuner etc)

4 : run in command prompt as administrator “sfc /scannow”
you can also try “DISM /Online /Cleanup-Image /RestoreHealth”

5 : You can also try a “clean boot” of windows10, without all the services and apps started that you don’t need.

6 : disable any task scheduler stuff, right click start - RUN - “Taskschd.msc”
right side at “view” enable “show hidden tasks” and then on left side “task scheduler library” , leave the “microsoft” folder alone, but if you see any other weird unknown tasks or those that do not belong to microsoft, disable or delete them.