Online competition?

I played quite a bit when FH4 first released but I cant remember if I did online play or not. Fast forward many months and I decided to hop back on. I tried online FFA and I can’t seem to be competitive in the least. I’ve always been good at all racing games, very good. Heck, I’m quite good at driving in general. FH3 was my first Forza game, dunno why but I was stubborn to try the Forza series but I liked it pretty quickly. Decided to try online and immediately was a 1st place competitor every championship and not for skill points, though I pride on being a clean racer as well which earned a good deal of skill points in FH3. In 4 now, I’m loosely competitive for like 6th place. I’ve tried rebuilding cars, is there something I’m missing. I’m not sure if assists mean anything online, I have them always off anyway. I’ve read the AI can be very difficult but I have little problem with that, they’re set just under impossible I think. What am I missing?

The correct car with a well-made build is crucial for becoming competitive online.
Track knowledge is another major factor.
Thirdly, doing well against the AI means absolutely nothing when it comes to online racing. The AI can always be gamed and abused.
Other than that: practice, practice, practice.
If you want some car suggestions and tuning tips feel free to pm me.

Am I right in thinking FH3 was unranked competition? That’s a totally different thing to the ranked competition in FH4. Once you’re at your correct rank, 6th is about where you ought to finish, on average, if there are enough people around your rank to fill the adventure. It’s one of the depressing things about ranked racing, in general, that unless you’re one of the absolute top people, you’ll always eventually end up struggling in races, because if you’re not struggling, your rank just increases till you do struggle.

For reference, what time are you able to do for this month’s monthly rivals, and what rank are you competing at for FFAA?

If you do The Trial, you should find it much easier to be competitive at that compared to ranked racing.

FH3 didn’t even award points for finishing positions, it was done purely on influence earned, so theoretically you could place last in each race but still win the championship. Or vice versa.

I don’t know why the OP would be able to consistently win races in FH3 online but not here, other than what Rayne said.

Cars and tunes are highly important in FH4, you’ll need to have cars for every class, race type and weather conditions if you want to be competitive.

track width is very reduced so that weight becomes a much more important aspect that it is on FH3. weather conditions are affecting car behaviors. Automatic below S1 class is clearly a limitation. RWD is not recommended whatever skilled you are on it.

I actually did a few more builds and slowly and becoming refamiliar with the tracks and the results are changing greatly. 1 mistake can ruin a whole race or championship for that matter but that was similar in FH3. Admittedly I hadn’t paid attention to the rally springs or tires and was just looking at handling speed listed with considering terrain and the difference is immensely noticable

Though in general, besides the competition I wish they’d bite the bullet and revert general online play to be more like FH3.