Old's Cool Motorsport

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Daily meets/racing
New purpose built blueprints every day.
Scheduled races every night from 7:30pm (GMT)
Be part of the fun.
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The main focus of our club is to have fun!
Not everything is about winning and losing, or having and not having.
New/unskilled players are more than welcome.
Griefers will not be tolerated.
Club: Old’s Cool Motorsport
FB: groups/OldsCoolMotorsport
NEW Instagram: oldscoolmotorsport
Message me on XBOX ONLY
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Id love to find a solid group to play with. This is the first racer I’ve taken seriously, been playing everyday since launch. I know this game is a “play anywhere” but can pc players be in the same session as xbone players? Joined the FB group.

Hopefully we can roll tonight!