Not a Wish List - A Real Question: Fast & Furious Part 2 for Forza 6?

OK, this time, without mentioning any cars, I just want to ask: Can we expect another Fast & Furious car pack for Forza 6?

I saw (and bought) the additional pack for Forza Horizon 2, but I would like to see a lot of the cars from FH2 come over to Forza 6, and that’s all I’m going to say, other than YES, I would buy it.

Anyone else interested in this? PLEASE, don’t mention any specific cars, as this is not a Wish List and I don’t wish to have this thread locked unnecessarily. I am just putting the feelers out on the potential of another DLC pack to be named later (if it’s not already in the works), if you will – trying to gauge interest in the idea, and perhaps garner support.

Cheers, Happy Friday, and Happy Motoring!

Unknown until Turn 10 announces it.

Thread locked to prevent inevitable wishlisting.