No up date driveter

Coming Up Date.
But First Driveter Very High Speed.
I Can’t First Finish Race.
I always Setting the Easy
I m very angry.

Turn 10 Must the Up Date to First Driveter Speed.

Set the drivatars to hardest setting…

I could be wrong but I believe the Op is complaining that the issue with the first place drivatar speeding away from the pack. If so I can only imagine setting the drivatar to the hardest setting would make him really mad!

Op, the latest content update has not addressed the drivatar issue as they are still investigating it. Once they are certain what the fix is then I’m sure there will be another content update. Unless the drivatar is skynet in disguise and the entire human race is going to be wiped out by M.Rossi…

Medic 1, not sure that’s 100% correct advice. I run on above average and have no real problems finishing first in any race.

Also Op there are any number of threads discussing the behavioural quirks of the drivatars, not sure there was any need for a new one.

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Please dont start threads for topics which are covered extensively elsewhere. T10 posted in todays article regarding the update that tjey are continuing to investigate drivatar behaviour.


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