No Social, Club, Rivals, Marketplace or Auction House

Hey guys, just logged into horizon 3 and went to check my auctions and the actual auction house is greyed out, as well as clubs, rivals, forzathon and marketplace. When I click on auction alerts for example it says ‘feature unavailable and that servers are not available at this time.’

Can anyone help??

Hello everyone.
I started FH3 on my Xbox to play but when I logged on I noticed the AH tab was gray. Social, Club, Rivals and Marketplace are also blacked out. All was fine when I played 2 or so hours later, but now it isn’t working. I have restarted the game and looked for answers but I couldn’t find an answer so I was wondering if anyone knows the solution to this.

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What is going on? I was able to play yesterday before I went to bed. Now I can’t use any online features anymore. Not even the Auction House. I tried playing other games with multiplayer and it worked, it’s just Forza Horizon 3 that’s somehow telling me the servers are not available, anyone else got this issue at the moment? I mean, Battlefield 4 works for me, can join a team deathmatch session etc.

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I would hazard a guess that due to the HW expansion being out tomorrow they maybe preparing the download/update for it hence affecting servers???

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What Toast said. I was having difficulties last night to the point of just not trying anymore rivals as everything was taking forever to load and numerous times it just timed out, didn’t save and then wouldn’t allow to get back in. It would have been nice not to mess with the last day of ForzaRC rivals event. I doubt I was getting to #25 but it was pretty discouraging to see an improvement not posted.

yeah same for me. none of my club members tags are showing up next to their GamerTags either. I’ve gotten like 20 msg’s this am asking why members have been kicked from the club, they haven’t. Thanks Playground for wasting my and my club members time.

A little heads up that this would be the case would have been nice and taken someone a total of about 5 minutes to send out a msg to all players.

I’m having the exact same issue… i can go on other games and even load youtube video’s in hi res no worries… but the marketplace, auction house, message center and yeah every online aspect is currently unavailable… in my case thiseans i cant game with my mates or share a skin i was working on for a friend…

Although i guess it probably has something to do with the hot wheels update that comes out tomorrow?

Hope its just that, because i would like to get back to sharing my created content and of course be able to race my mates as soon as possible as i’m sure anyone experiencing this problem is wanting their daily dose of 4 wheel glory

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They’re building the hot wheels tracks for tomorrow.


Same thing here, but i’m able to go to public lobbies in FH3, free roam and stuff, just the auction house and social features are not working and i’m getting the same “FH3 Server error” message

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ok i’m not able as well. So i’m assuming it deff has to do with the hot wheels update. And i’m sure those of us who are getting the hot wheels tomorrow will have issues downloading it as well…

Dont know if this is happening to anyone else, but my console updated and syncing data when i load up forza horizon 3 starts the game from the very beginning, i do hope this is a server issue and i havent lost my game data.

I also encountered the same problem, hope the server can be repaired as soon as possible

Even I am having the same problem… Tried to download the pass but just could not… Thankfully,i did not lose my money

Same here. Haven’t had an update yet

So instead of a broken HW expansion update tomorrow we now already get a pre-broken game today, nifty! :smiley:

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First off, apologies if this is posted in the wrong place I’m on an old mobile and can only get to certain sections of the forums.

I have just started up forza and wanted to check if my cars had sold but the auction house is greyed out? Also the rivals and clubs tab are greyed out.

Any explanation for this? anyone else having the same issue?

I can play online with other players which makes it even stranger.

You’re not the only one; all community content (Auction House, Storefront, Rivals) is down, for everyone.

Nothing you can do about it but to wait it out and hope that Turn 10 get it sorted soon.

For reference, there are multiple threads discussing this issue:
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Yes I’m having the same areas blocked out … just speculating but maybe this is due to tomorrow being the expansion release and certain areas need system maintenance to coincide ??

Thanks for the info and the helpful links mate! Glad I’m not the only one, thought I was being investigated because of the profit I’ve been making haha!

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Few got a little worried there…