No dynamic headlight shadows on Series X

I watched some gameplay from FH4 on Series X and noticed lack dynamic headlight shadows during the race. Is this a bug? One X version has dynamic shadows all the time.

Looks cool! I have XBox One S, and it has no shadows like that.

1X doesn’t have anything dynamic in performance mode (it’s a bit ugly). But it should be standard on SX beast I thought.

Yeah it isn’t very taxing on my PC so I’m surprised it’s not enabled.

The joys of outsourced development.

It does make a nice difference at night. IIRC it’s restricted to Ultra and above on PC and doesn’t cost all that much performance either.

The XSX is supposed to go head on against an RTX 2070 and win. This game is light, so I’m sure they could’ve enabled the feature without sacrificing locked 60 fps.

A shame, really.

I think a problem with consoles is they have to assume they’re connected to a screen that doesn’t have variable refresh rate, which means they have to take an extreme position on how rarely they make it drop below 60fps, as it just looks so horrible if it ever does. So you might have settings on a PC that look like it’s always at or above 60fps, but if it ever drops to 59fps in some rare circumstances, you just won’t see any difference with variable refresh rate. But with a fixed refresh rate, that single dropped frame drops it briefly to 30fps and it looks absolutely horrible, so they have to go to extreme lengths to avoid it.

Perhaps the solution is to open up the settings for console users, and just have recommended settings for their platform. If someone wants the “just make it work for me” approach, they can still have that by just going with the recommended settings, but if they want to spend hours tinkering with settings, they could do. For example, I personally value anti-aliasing above all else, and much prefer to drop the quality to High, but increase the MSAA (High with 8x MSAA gives a higher frame rate than Ultra and looks better to me). And I absolutely hate motion blur - for me, the ability to turn that off is reason enough to play on PC rather than console.

or maybe its something that needs to enabled in settings

Does the One X 60fps mode still have motion blur enabled then? Ugh if so. The smearing from using it at 60fps would be like simulating a monitor with a bad response time.

It does, but the amount of motion blur is proportional to the duration of a frame. I think they’ve applied the standard 180° shutter rule (the shutter being open for half the duration of a frame) in simulating the motion blur. It’s quite subtle.

The same is probably the case on the Series X.

Half the frame duration is far from subtle, IMO. At 60fps, the frame time is 16ms, so that’s a blur of 8ms. That’s like the g2g transition time of a mediocre monitor, intentionally being added. People pay a lot of money to have a 4ms transition time rather than 8ms (I’m talking actual transition times rather than marketing claims where every monitor is claimed to be “1ms”), why would anyone want 8ms worth of blurring added before it even reaches the monitor? My monitor is a reasonable one with a 6ms transition time, but even with motion blur disabled I can see the blurring from the 6ms transition time, I’d still rather have it less blurred than that, I’d like everything to be crystal clear like it is in real life.

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You would expect the game to be upgraded for XBox series X not downgraded.


During free roam it’s there but one road race was without it. So images are probably right for now.

And still no mirror for bumper/hood cams. Great, it’s very easy be clean without seeing behind :smiley:

To make everything crystal clear and rely only on our eyesight’s persistence of vision would take a very high frame rate in order to avoid telltale overlapping of frames when moving fast. Motion blur is a workaround.

It is however something I wish they’d allow players to enable or disable at their own direction on any platform.

Can’t say I’ve noticed ‘telltale overlapping of frames’ when playing at 60fps.

Motion blur is a gimmick to disguise how bad 30fps looks and ought to be redundant on 60fps+ framerates. Certainly there is no excuse not to have this as a toggleable (is that a word?) option on games afflicted with said gimmick.

I noticed this right away. Really liked the atmosphere they added to night races. Wasn’t expecting any downgrades from the One X version even at 60fps.

Things can be noticeable by their absence as well as their presence.

According to someone on another forum, the SX does have it. Is it possible you are mistaken, or maybe there is an update you haven’t yet downloaded?

It’s missing from RACES but is present if you are just driving around the world. there a whole host of “quality” graphics settings from the One X version that have been turned off in the S/X version… its not just dynamic headlights.

Yep indeed I just watched the DF video, was very interesting. I’m happy to be on PC so it doesn’t affect me anyway.

But it’s not there :smiley: