(Newbie) Why did I not get credit for Midnght Madness Seasonal Race Event?

I am brand new to Xbox and Forza.

I tried to complete a seasonal event but didn’t receive credit. I won first against Average and Highly Skilled Drivatars, but have not attempted Expert.

Event: Midnight Madness
Car restrictions: Retro Sports Car, A800

Do I need to win the race against Expert Drivatars to get credit for the Summer Season?

Car used: 1989 Porsche 944 Turbo, tuned to exactly A800.
Did I use the wrong car?

Yes, it has to be completed with expert, or higher drivatars.

IIRC, I did it once on highly skilled, I believe it didn’t even give the credit reward. But to make it count towards playlist, it’s gotta be expert(and then it gave all rewards).