New to Forza

Hi everyone , I am completely new to Forza. I started with FM 2 up to FM 4 from April when I got a X360 for the first time , and got a XBOne and Forza 6 yesterday.
The series has blown me away so far. The quality and gameplay options are simply excellent in the whole series. I haven’t nearly completed them all yet.
Started Forza 6 yesterday and can’t put it down :slight_smile:

I should have gotten into Forza years ago.

Anyway just wanted to say hi and if there are any tips for newbies it’s welcome :wink:

Have a nice day.

Hi and as with earlier Forza titles just practice and improve. There’s no short cut :slight_smile:

Welcome wikusmazal. My first suggestion would be to go into the Leagues menu -today- and complete at least one race in the ForzaRC S1W3 - you’ll be rewarded next week with a Ford Falcon XY which isn’t available in the Buy Cars menu.


Welcome aboard! Glad to hear you are enjoying the game… Add me as friend if you like… Come share some track time with us , race as my guest! If you think you may like to try team racing ,pm me and I’ll see you get in our lobby on a race night. Our web address is in my signature at bottom of this post…
But regardless, enjoy your time with game. There are many great players here with a few crashers lurking around! lol… Take care, hope to see you soon!