New player and just got a week ban

As the title says, I’m new to Forza. Last racing game I played was Gran Tourism 2 or 3 (I’m old and been away from gaming for a while) Got an Xbox and started playing a little over a month ago. I just got banned a week for “S class ramming”. No explanation, no dates or times or screen shots. I submitted a ticket to support and got a copy paste response saying they eviewed it thoroughly and can’t do anything.

I didnt know ramming was a problem but makes sense to discourage it. A warning for a 1st offence would be appropriate. Total online ban is harsh.

For a week I can’t access anything online. No playground games, no auction house not even rivals where I can learn to race better against a ghost.

Is this normal? Why not just ban me from the ranked races or wherever the infraction occured?

I got brave and tried ranked racing because of the playlist and think it likely happened in one of those races. I started rank 12 for some reason (I was expecting 20) and even saw a grand master and lots of 8 & 9s in races. I probably did ram somebody but I’m a [Mod edit - WSD - Profanity and alluding to profanity is against the TOS] driver with no business being ranked that high or racing with grand masters. The ranking and matchmaking system is broke. You can’t even pick what class car race it is so had no choice in the S class race.

Do bans get progressively longer with each infraction? I don’t want longer bans or a permanent ban because i bumped into someone in a race

The whole thing seem too harsh and a poor way to treat players. Especially new players.

Am I an isolated case or do other people get treated this way?

EDIT: My ban is up and I can access everything again. Thanks for the comments and perspective, it’s much appreciated. Happy driving!

It’s not just you. There’s been a bit of a wave of unjust ramming bans lately. Someone actually made a video intentionally setting up a ramming situation with a friend just to show how easy it is. What would be a racing incident in stricter games such as Forza Motorsport, Iracing, etc would be classified as a ram here. It’s absurd.

Video: How to get anyone banned by abusing report system - Forza Horizon 4 Ban Tutorial - YouTube


Thanks for the link. Looks like a single mistake could get you banned if you hit the wrong person. I’m sure theres people who report stuff every race. Of course it could also be a person fed up with rammers and that incident is the straw that broke the camels back and they finally fill out a ticket. You’ll never know.

Surprised but pleased to see that they are taking some action against rammers. Just have to hope that they can properly tell the difference between deliberate ramming, racing incidents or desync.

They really need to start just ghosting all players in all online modes if they’re coming down as harshly as the OP implies.

That said, online is a cesspool of rammers who look for every little way they can ram or disrupt you because they themselves are incapable of racing cleanly to win. I am glad to see some harsh punishments come down, even if it is a horrible compromise.

I wouldn’t be shocked if you did deserve to be in rank 12 OP. You call yourself a bad driver, but if you’ve ever managed to actually brake for a corner, then you’re better than the average Forza Horizon driver. I’m not even joking or being hyperbolic. Really wish I was, but I’m not.


Is online racing that bad? It doesn’t even sound fun to keep playing. The little bit I did wasn’t that great.

Plowing through corners still happens sometime, either I brake late or don’t adjust for surface conditions or don’t know the track well enough, etc.

Harsh punishments sound necessary I just wish they had a better system. Since they don’t I’ll take this as my warning.

I am glad they come to actually banning rammers but I would applaud same for doing anything that promotes fair play racing. FH3 skill chain was just great, it needed improvement but, damned, I miss it, winning dirty should not be. Let’s see what FH5 will bring to us.

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Why did you even bother to buy FH4 if FH5 is going to be released in a couple of months? i dont think thats a smart move…

Perhaps they wanted to get used to driving again before the new one comes out? Perhaps they feel that 4 months will give good value? Perhaps they wanted to find out what Forza was like to know if FH5 is worth buying?

Most importantly: How do you know they bought it? If they have Game Pass, then it comes at no extra cost.


I bought it because I wanted to play it. I’m not sure what this comment adds to the thread, might not have been a smart move posting it.

If the evidence shows that someone is deliberately and aggressively attempting to ram or otherwise mess with other players, then absolutely they should be banned. However, there a nuances that need to be taken into account. Some contact is incidental, some drivers are inexperienced, sometimes people just mess up, and sometimes the “victim” is driving erratically and partially to blame. Bans should not be triggered on a single instance unless the intent is clear.


I completely agree with you on this. However, it is not always so clear cut…one person may see things differently than another…you only have to look at Motorsport (thinking Formula 1 especially) or Football etc to see that the same incident can be seen as deliberate or accidental by different people. And then there may be external factors involved, such as the car turning more than expected maybe (that happens to me sometimes where I’ll be turning and the car suddenly turns much more sharply)

The only way to ensure consistency on all decisions related to bans is to have a single person be doing it…but, even then, they may view things differently from one day to the next, depending on how tired they are or what mood they are in etc

Ultimately, a system whereby they get every decision correct and have consistency may not be possible…a better solution would be to simply revamp the system to encourage clean driving rather than reward bad driving

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I don’t think anyone disagrees with that. Clearly, they should only be banning for very clear examples of ramming. However, I know a fairly wide range of experienced forza drivers and none of them have complained about being banned. The OP here isn’t able to show us what he got banned for (no criticism of him) and I’d take anything Memevid says with a pinch of salt. The enforcement could be too harsh but we currently lack sufficient evidence to show whether it is or not.

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Seriously? Anyone who rams another player intentionally should be banned, no excuses. What gives that player the right to ruin anothers playing experience just because they feel like being nasty.


I was not saying I though ramming was ok, I didnt realize people rammed on purpose

Oh yes, they ram on purpose in this game. If yours was a genuine mistake then it’s a shame you had to learn the hard way. I usually warn others that ram me with a quick msg or through headset but if they persist i report them. It seriously is no fun when you get targeted by an idiot in the game who thinks the best way for their team or themselves to win is to ram their opponent off the track or into barriers.

If that was the whole aim of the game then i wouldn’t have bought it in the first place. Most people will realise when someone has accidently bumped them but when a player comes full pelt from the side into your car or comes up beside you and turns into you to push you out of checkpoints then they fully deserve being reported and getting a ban.

I record most of my races these days so i have proof of a player being nasty and also have proof if a player tries to report me falsely (which is also not uncommon from some clowns in this game as they gloat about it in a msg to you).

I tend to think it’s best to yield, rather than risk a ban by ramming or pushing out of checkpoints, it’s the more noble thing to do and 9 out of 10 times you will generally get yourself back in front anyway (unless of course a player has painted a target on your back then you may as well quit and find another event to race.)

I have to say though that sometimes it is amusing when you know someone is ramming and you get the better of them by hitting the brakes just at the right moment and watching them fly off the track or hit the barrier and get a slow down penalty :slight_smile:

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I think that each player should be given a random list of 1000 names who they can race plus their friends names added to it. Then as you race a player that knocks you off the track you can remove them from the list. They don’t get banned, but you don’t race them again. Then another random name is added in their place. Then the people that get removed a lot all get put on the same list, and have to race each other.

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That’s a fine way to make matchmaking take hours. A personal blacklist isn’t a terrible idea though.

It would take the same time, because your selection would be just added to the list.

Neat idea, I like it. Maybe a points system and your grouped with the 1000 people that have similar scores. You ram someone and its -5000 points where you go to the bottom of the list with the other rammers.