New challenge from Chevy

here’s something a little different: a comp that really allows you freedom of choice~

set a personal best in any class, any discipline (circuit, P2P, drag, drift…anything that records on the leaderboard), in a Camaro of any model year, and win a Kar Kraft/Red Bull Camaro :

Since it will be a PB, just describe what you did. No replay is necessary, although a photo would be nice.

I tried out a B 500 90 Iroc ( race tires and race weight reduction nothing to tune really ) on Hoch National nothing earth shattering but set a PB at 1.45.937

Torque, how’d you know what I was working on ?? ;]

I’ve been lighting up the Ring P2P stages in my E class build 79 Camaro

Stage A - 2:28.833 - PB - Position 799 on the leaderboard
Stage B - 2:18.434 - PB - Position 695 on the leaderboard
Stage C - 2:53.317 - PB - Position 704 on the leaderboard
Stage D - 2:48.400 - PB - Position 504 on the leaderboard

Lotta fun with this one ;]













Thanks Torque, for the opportunity to post ;]

I’m shocked -shocked, I tell you- to see that you have been working on a Camaro. Really nice work on the Ring. Nice pix, too.

I’m trying to beat a pb using the 70 Camaro, and I only need to gain about a half-second/lap to get there. I’ll keep you all posted.

I have been asked if I would give a Viper as a prize for this comp, instead of the Red Bull Camaro. Hey, it seems odd to me, but Howard Johnson made 28 (was it 28?) flavors of ice cream for a reason, no? So, if anyone would prefer the Goodwood Viper pictured here, just let me know.

1970 Camaro
Alps Club Reverse
A Class
I’ve put a pic on my storefront and Camaro prize car for me, Thanks

oops, Ok scratch all that.

Please read the original post. We’re talking Camaro here.

Lol, I did the same, I used the impala :grinning:
Thanks for the Camaro Torque :+1:

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I decided to try my 2010 Chevy Camaro A600 On Road America and Sebring.
I got a Personal Best on Both Tracks.

Road America: 2:22.007
Sebring Full: 2:19.634

Here’s a picture of My Chevy Camaro: Bazooka Bubble Gum car

2010 Camaro

With regret, I have given up on my quest to put my A class 70 Z/28 on the leaderboard. Instead, I took a C class 69 donated by CFunk (thanks, man!) around Camino Viejo mini to a new PB. The pathetic performance shows just how poorly I am driving these days, but at least it is a PB. My penance for copping out will be: I am not giving myself a prize car.
ONCE AGAIN I have proven that:
As a driver, I am a pretty good painter.

1979 CAMARO E 27.5

Fujimi Kaido P2P:

Stage A = 2:35.567
Stage B = 3:28.816
Stage C = 2:22.217
Stage D = 2:15.500

All PB’s!

I continued my assault of Fujimi P2P in my 1979 CAMARO E 27.5:

Stage A Reverse = 2:26.484
Stage B Reverse = 3:11.666
Stage C Reverse = 2:27.900
Stage D Reverse = 2:27.883
Old Hill Climb = 4:53.117
Old Down Hill = 4:34.917
New Hill Climb = 6:04.000
New Down Hill = 5:37.467

again, All PB’s!

…currently in the top 1,000 overall Fujimi Kaido P2P !

Thanks for the challenge & the Kar Kraft/Red Bull CAMARO!