need help bad on horizon 2 xbox one

i need help bad some how on my xbox one my save game got corrupted please help i had to delete it and start over i had alot of cars paint jobs and some tunes i dont know what to do can any one help me out.will i still have everything i have or do i got to start over???

I believe you will have to start over. But do not quote me on that ok?

By the way did you turn your Xbox-one off at any point that it would have told you not to? That might be why it got corrupted. It has happened to me on some older games too.

i have no clue on that im not shure if i did turn off the xbox but that might be and yea im starting over its okay tho i do have all my dlc still think god lol

Save files are synched to the cloud, so if you lose power while saving and the file gets corrupted, it will get downloaded from the cloud, and all will be well. If your save got corrupted beyond repair, and you’re online, it’s most likely a serious bug in the game.

UMM MY synched to the cloud thats save game is corrupted as well it sucks but owell i stared over but i lost the car that turn 10 give me but the cool thing is starting over