My views on forza 5

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I swear this posting was piecemealed together using existing threads.

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Frequently Cried Complaints:


C) Turn 10 is nickel-and-diming us with microtransactions and Forza Motorsport 5 was clearly built around them as a pay-to-play game.

A) No player ever has to pay anything beyond the game’s initial purchase price. Everything else is purely optional, and further the entire game can be thoroughly played and enjoyed without a single microtransaction. The game retails with a couple-hundred cars of all types and time periods, which is plenty of variety and more than enough to compete in all of the game’s events. No event requires a paid-DLC car and such cars offer no advantages during events since all cars are upgradeable and bound by the same performance rating system. Car prices in-game (credits) aren’t set to encourage players to buy CR with real cash, either, as prices are lower now than in previous games and players have never been intended to quickly obtain all cars and the expensive cars in short time, but rather we were always expected to invest time and earn cars. Buying CR with cash is just a convenient option for impatient kids. Had microtransactions not been an option, the game would still be the same, which is essentially as the series always has been.

Only 200 cars

C) There are only 200 cars in FM5. That just isn’t good enough. Previous games had way more than that. Gran Turismo 5 and 6 have over 1,000!

A) FM3 and FM4 retailed with the 400 or 500 cars of which you speak, but FM2, the first Forza for Xbox 360, had a little over 300 before DLC. 300 is still more than 200, but the point is that it was a number that grew from game to game as the generation progressed and it didn’t start with 500+ cars. FM5 starts a new generation, and starts over with the car list. Turn 10 didn’t simply copy-paste cars from the previous generation, but rather modeled new cars and updated some old ones. Making cars for an Xbox One iteration of Forza takes more time and effort than it did for FM2, with FM5 car models being quite a bit more advanced.

GT cheats with their car list, not only by having many dozens of duplicates of the same car but, more egregious, by importing a mountain of outdated car models from older hardware. The 200+ cars built for GT5 looked great for the time, but 800+ other cars brought in from older systems looked like crap. Developer Polyphony Digital had no interest in quality, but only in quantity. Most of the cars and several of the tracks looked right at home on PlayStation 2, and occasionally even PSX, which is pretty bad for a PS3 game appearing four years into the console’s life cycle and five years into that console generation.

200 isn’t a small number, either. It’s still several times what you get with virtually any other racing game. Players unhappy with just 200 cars are more than welcome to go settle for 40 or 50 cars in other racing games. Also, don’t forget the previous figure of just 200+ cars built for GT5, which was in the works for quite some time and released four years after the launch of PS3.

Only 14 tracks

C) FM5 has only fourteen tracks!

A) Believe me when I say that I do wish it was more, and I do miss a lot of the old courses. Unfortunately, as with the cars, Turn 10 could not simply copy-paste the old tracks into FM5 without compromising quality. Real-world tracks returning from previous games are more accurate now, real-world tracks new to the series are more accurate than tracks of previous games, and all FM5 tracks whether real or fictional are more detailed. In an interview it was revealed that these track models take Turn 10 a very long time to build, at a minimum of nine months for a single track. These tracks are much more detailed than those of older games and take more time to model.

Paying for content

C) Turn 10 are nickle-and-diming us by making us pay for more cars and probably tracks if tracks ever come along. They’re just greedy and only care about money.

A) The business of business is to make money. All businesses are about making money. Any business that isn’t about making money is out of business.

What gamers don’t understand is that it costs a ridiculous amount of money to make a game, and this figure keeps going up over time. Further, developers make a lot less from game sales than people think they make. Typically, they might see $12 to $15 per sale of new copies of games, and $0 from sales of used games. It takes a lot of sales to recover the tens of millions that went into making the game, and most games fail to turn a profit. Paid DLC is increasingly popular as a way of making a bit more revenue, not to pay for lining swimming pools with diamonds or plating sports cars with solid gold, but to barely stay in business.

You still aren’t being cheated on content. You still got more cars for $60 than you would from at least four other games at $60 apiece ($240.)

DLC cars cost CR after purchasing with dollars

C) I just spent real money on DLC cars. Why do I have to buy them again with CR?

A) It works just like the content that was on the disc, except that it didn’t come from the disc. You spent real money buying the first 200 cars, and then had to buy them again in-game with CR. DLC cars work exactly the same, as they should. If you think it’s wrong to buy DLC cars with CR because you already paid real money for them, then you must feel the same about the cars you bought with real money upon originally buying the game.

No qualifying / always start at the back

C) I always start at the back, never up front, and we can’t qualify for a better grid position.

A) Starting at the back is intended to present you with a challenge - overtaking cars and navigating through the field rather than just cruising to an easy, uncontested win from the front. By wanting to start up front, you are wanting to have an easy win without ever seeing rival cars. By wanting to qualify, you are wanting a better grid position at the front for an easy race. If you just want to start out front and never battle cars, you may just as well hot lap in Rivals.

Dirty laps

C) I don’t understand why some things make my laps dirty.

A) Anything that could possibly give you an advantage dirties your lap. Drafting makes you faster than you would be without, and gives you an advantage over a player trying for a fast lap without the benefit of a drafting partner. Even being drafted gives a slight advantage, as it does in reality. Things done at the end of a lap could give you an advantage at the start of a new lap, so laps can be dirtied by things from the end of the previous lap. Rewinding gives you an advantage, as anybody can string together a fast lap if they can get do-overs.

The soundtrack stinks

C) I hate the music.

A) All music is terrible. No matter what music you can come up with, there will always be plenty of people that hate it. Not everyone likes instrumental, not everyone likes rock, not everyone likes country, not everyone likes rap, not everyone likes pop, et cetera.


I know that was a long reply, but I’m tired of typing the same responses to the same old ignorant complaints, so I just copy-pasted my FCC file.

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the Mods should just save that as a word document and auto-reply it to any and all whiners like this little puke. absolutely perfect response. i clapped a few times.

I love the forza franchise and I constantly tell friends to get it. Even persuaded a couple real life friends to purchase the one for the sole reason of getting Forza, and I can’t lie i have to agree with the OP. I love the games but this one feels like its lacking sooo much.


Complain all you want because the problems wont go with this game…

Sure, this game is a mess in some aspects but it offers more than the other racing games.

Look at “popular” racing games these days:
Colin McRae: DiRT about 10-15 different cars with about 50-75 different variations
Grid: similar story as DiRT
Gran turismo: a little over or under 1000 cars… ~80% aren’t even detailed and look like true copy and paste. the remaining 20% ~200 cars and maybe 150-170 unique cars
Need for speed: generally ~10-30 cars and about 40-60 if you include re-skinned versions of cars.
Formula 1: 12 (13 for the older games) cars with a total of 23 (25 for older games) including the safety car
NASCAR: about 3 unique cars with a bunch of re-skins

yeah… honestly even in the “early form” FM5 is one of the top racing games on the market when it comes to cars and quality

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I figured this would be best in an existing thread.

First, I don’t own an XBox One, or Forza 5. I played it for a few hours at a friends the last couple days. I haven’t read anything here, or about Forza at all, for the last year or so. Forza is always great, so I just knew what to expect. I was sure in for a surprise.

Graphics are good, sound is good, force feedback seems better.

Far fewer cars. There are still plenty of cars, so it’s not a big deal.

Fewer tracks. This is pretty important. Even if this was the only problem, it would stop me from playing anywhere near as long as I did FM4.

Far fewer races. Unless I’m missing something, the Leagues might take 10% as long as the old Event List to finish. After you finish the 8 Leagues, do you get 8 more, different ones?

Can’t tune from the pre race screen. This is pretty big for me, as I tune as I race. If a car isn’t the way I like, I make small changes and race the next race, make more small changes, over and over until it’s the way I want. I sometimes make changes for a specific track, or I used to anyway.

Can’t back out after a race, only before the next race after the loooooong loading times. At least we used to have something to read while we waited. This makes the tuning issue worse.

So many, very slow cars starting ahead of you, running into each other and you, going 3 or 4 wide in turns, keeping you from catching the 1-3 cars that are competitive with you. Haven’t tried yet, but can the drivatars be turned off? The only way to pass 10+ cars in 2 laps is to race at a lower difficulty. If you could start in like 4th place, or run 5-10 lap races, you could up the difficulty so cars are competitive with you instead of just being in the way.

Nothing to tell you what cars you already own when looking to buy a new car?

Have to guess at the class limit and restrictions of races? Please tell me I just missed it.

Can you really not auto upgrade a car when buying it for a race?

Are all races only 2 laps?

Can you really not look at telemetry on a replay? Are you just supposed to make someone else watch it while you are racing to see what fine tuning needs done? I haven’t actually tried this yet, but read that you can’t.

Just a small anecdote, I couldn’t upgrade/tune the ZL1 Camaro to be competitive in the series I was in. Modern Muscle, I think. Ok, there are some 4th gens in the race, I’ll get the 02 SS and run it. Buy it, upgrade it, and then find out even though it runs against you, it’s not eligible for the race. Ok, I’ll get a 5th gen SS. Oh, it’s not in the game…

I guess it depends on how you look at it, if I had never played Forza 3 or 4, then I would probably think 5 was a great game.

After a few hours, I don’t see anything Forza 5 does better than Forza 4, and a lot of things it does worse. If FM4 was released right now by a competitor, it would destroy FM5. That’s pretty bad.

I’m amazed this game shipped.

The fact that IGN gave it 8.8 makes me question their motivation for rating it that high.

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The game has been out over 2 months and it’s the same superficial complaints. Stuff that has been known before the 11/22/13 release of the game, only 200 cars and 14 tracks.

Every time I see these topics (that all seem to have the same titles, as though they’re choosing it from a drop-down menu) I come in hoping to see some in depth analysis of the game. Really get into stuff like interface, features, options, what data is and is not shown, ect. Nope, they pretty much all come down to “not enough cars, not enough tracks”.

Can’t say I get the “we should get car packs for free” either. Tell you what, next time you finish something for your boss, and they tell you to do something additional or follow up for that task, you can do that for free.

Now if you want to get into “I bought the car pack, and I think the cars should all be in my garage”. Ya know, there I might agree with you. Not that I’m going to rail about it, and act how betrayed I feel over having to pay in-game credits after spending real money. Though in FM5 it’s easier to make money than in past FM titles now. In FM5 you get one of the most expensive cars from the pack free, and it takes only a few hours at most to earn enough credits to get the rest. The game isn’t nearly as much of a grind fest to buy cars as GT, and their Grand Prix cars start at 10million, and get all the way to …what is…25-30million. Crazy. Saving up for those, you need to get tons of free cars, including every car in a car pack.

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