My steering wheel doesnt have enough buttons

So i have this old steering wheel which to my suprise still works, but forza wont let me useit, because it doesnt have enough buttons on it to bind all of forza required keys, which means that i cant save my keybindings to it in forza, it just gives me a pop-up saying that all of the required keys need to be bound to something.

I dont understand why i cant just bind said required keys to the keyboard, i see no logical reason as to why forza would want to force me to have x number of keys on my steering wheel.

Anyways, its an old saitek r660 gt, and i would love to be able to use it for forza, but i havent been able to find any solutions to this, ive tried googling, but just found a load of people with the same problem but no fixes, so i thought id come here to ask if some new fix has been discovered to this problem?

If anyone can help, id be eternally grateful!

I had the same problem, trying to make a custom config for my gamepad. The default configs use the D-pad for multiple controls yet custom won’t accept the same layout, and you can’t save the custom layout at all unless you have a controller with something like 34 individual buttons.

It’s so stupid that forza requires useless keys to bind - for chat as example.
This exactly what i need - chat on the wheel…

maybe it’s because it’s an unsupported wheel and that’s one of the reasons why

Unsupported or no, whats the point in forcing me to bind useless buttons that work just as well on the keyboard?