My last Forza product ever

Well guys it has come to this…
I will not be purchasing another Forza franchised product.
Forza 5 was bad enough but this game has got even worse.
I can not get over the lack of realism and the damm outright stupidity of these avatars.
Even when the game is on the Untouchable setting the cars are unrealistically slow in corners, turn into you, then the car that was going so slow before you passed it is then keeping up with you and racing you once passed.
I can not believe someone at Turn 10 woke up one day and said ‘‘yeah we’ve done a good job with the programming of these avatars’’.
As for a pit stop at Indianapolis… what racing car leaves the pit, speeds up, then slows down, then slows down some more, speeds up then slows down again then crawls to the pit exit where it checks to see what is coming then goes… LAUGH OUT LOUD.
Such a shame because the only place where you get a good race will be online where you can’t compete because all the top guys have a sit down racing sim and most of the other people just want to ram you off the track.
I’m sorry but that is enough for me, Xbox had me from Forza 2 but now it will be Playstation again for me, back to GT where it all started.

Very Disappointed


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Yes thats the exact response I can expect…[Mod edit- WSD - no name calling]

If that’s what you were truly expecting people to say, then you shouldn’t have felt compelled to insult me.

If you’re truly interested in having a conversation about your issues with FM6 then I’ll be happy to do so and explain how you are overreacting and focusing on the negative. If you’re not interested in having a civilized discussion, (I’m willing to bet you aren’t) then I stand by my earlier post since I have zero vested interest whether you quit.


So just saying bye is a good conversation is it? I was hoping to hear what others had to say about this but all I got from 1 guy… YOU was BYE so dont talk to me about conversation, it is me who says bye to you

1, You dont start of a conversation with a statement of intent
2. When someone posts a response you dont respond by calling them names
3. If you guys want to have a conversation have it by PM, we dont want to read it.
4. If you were expecting people to beg you to stay you’ll be sorely disappointing with that too.