My drag strip horizon life is stuck at level twenty

I didn’t read through every entry but I have a theory. When the game first came out I did a lot of drag racing and got my level up pretty high. Then one day I could no longer increase my level. Every time the points went down to zero I got the free wheel spin but the level did not change. I had to earn the points again. I am of the opinion I got penalized by doing a lot of drag racing when the game was released. They didn’t want me going higher so they put some code in to keep me stuck at my level. Hopefully they will release me one day. Maybe I’m wrong about all of this but that’s what it feels like happened to me. Or is it something else?

It only goes to level 20, then it keeps repeating the level 20 reward if you keep levelling it up. If there’s ever a drag DLC it might go up to 25 like with the other horizon life threads.


Thank you. That’s very helpful. My dirt racing and road racing are at 25 so that’s why I came to my conclusion about being stuck at 20. Now I understand why…lol…