Motorsport 8 Test Drive (non competitive) Dreams

For years now I’ve wanted, in Forza, to experience a very specific and different drive than we’ve had. The passion we get from these developers is among the best. They clearly have a passion for the car and road, I love it.

Test drives, this is where I want improvements. Obviously we need the ability to hot lap specific tracks for the perfect tune. It seems though that the Horizon series has almost picked up on what’s missing, scenery and fantastic drives.

My wish would be able to test drive, which may even require an additional game within the same/updated driving physics, the top scenic and national park roads. The go cart like track of Craters of the Moon, the mesmerizing coastal drive in Oregon, the relaxing nature drive in Yellowstone National Park and of course the northern California drive experience through the Redwood National Forest.

Obviously I’m biased about locations near me. There are clearly many more locations around the world that Forza could potentially benefit from including, think of it as Forza Test Drive, or Forza, the Eighth Wonder of the World.

Thanks for reading, keep up the great work!