Motorcycle game from Turn 10

Turn 10 should make a motorcycle game where you take street bikes modify just like the cars in forza but instead of cars they’re bikes. Where players would be able to choose from the many different bikes that are made from all motorcycle companies and where you can drop the bikes put different wheels, exhaust, and etc. I think this would be a hit.

Turn 10 need to spend time getting their Xbox One car games up to scratch.

There is also a game called RIDE coming out next month which may just be the game you want.


Polyphony tried to do this - see Tourist Trophy on PS2.

It was essentially the Gran Turismo 3/4 engine with motorcycles:

The lack of a follow up or anything comparable so far should be an indicator of the commercial success of the game.

That said, I had a lot of fun with TT.

I also would agree and prefer that Turn 10 focus more on improving their current gen Forza titles.

Ride is essentially Forza Motorsport motorcycle edition. Here’s a link to the thread on these forums discussing the game.

The only motorcycle game I want to see,

Is a legit new generation version of Road Rash.

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