Missing car from garage

My Astin Martin Vanquish disappeared from my garage randomly has anyone else had this problem. I did not remove it from the garage.


Im sure this game hates astons because same happend to me last week with db10. or actually it’s not missing it’s still on garage but game just dont show it, autoshow shows that i own that car and when watching stats how many cars i own vs how many cars i count im actually missing two cars because game show i own 544 cars but when i count every car that i have garage i get 542. What is even worse than car totally dissapering from garage because now my garage space is only 548 cars.

I bought few days ago a Porsche Cayenne 2018 from auction house with around 280K£ , i don’t know how others are 20mil£ . but now the car after 2-3 days it dissapear from my garage. this is not normal! …

I had the same problem - different car. Just open a support ticket and they should dial it in for you.

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It’s been…

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Yep some time over the holidays when I wasn’t home, I lost all DLC cars. Went to the Xbox store and found that car pass was set to owned yet not installed. Clicked install, waited a few mins and everything was back to normal.

Good day

I have missing cars from my garage. I see this has happened before. How do I solve this problem

I see that,but what happened to me is by far the worst i have seen.In order to play this game how i want i snipe cars at the auction house.Today i sniped 4 consecutive ferrari 812 superfast for 11 mil to sell them for 20,spending almost all my credits.Listed them for sale and after a few hours ony one has sold.I collect the other 3 and then the game crashed.When i restarted i had a saving error and sent me back when the last save was.Everything was normal,except… 3 ferrari 812 superfast were missing.Almost all my savings,gone.Please tell me if you solved your problem and how!