missing bonus crate

theres a event at the moment, it says buy 4 crates 345.000 credits each and got 1 for free ^^ but didn’t get 1 one for free, the 5th cost 345.000 credits too ! when we get this crate, after buying 4 or later as a gift ? there is no info about it ! thanks for every help and sorry if my english is not good, i’m German since i’m was born and learn it at school 20 years ago :laughing:

Hello, i’m french, i have the same problem, but i think its a mistake of traduction from english.

You must read : “Buy 4 suits and have one for free” , that’s why there’s 5 suits in this crate compare to the others : 3, 2 and 1 in the cheapers crate…

Have fun !


oh ok thanks for your help