Marketplace error PC

I have the digital copy of forza 7 std edition it came with the hoonigan car pack.
have it on both Xbox one and pc, I can download and use the hoonigan cars on Xbox but pc keeps giving me a failed to download from marketplace error try again later.
Both pc and Xbox are running the latest versions. I use pc mostly cause my wheel only works on pc, game runs fine have never had to many issues with it except occasionally it won’t start. After uninstalling and reinstalling the hoonigan pack it works every time.
The hoonigan cars are in my garage on the pc I just can’t select them, just keep getting the marketplace error message.
Have tried rebooting pc a few times, rebooting modem, swapping internet connection from Ethernet to wifi.
Pc version is 1.111.7523.2 Xbox is 1.111.7523.0.
Can someone please tell me what I’m doing wrong or is this a problem with the pc version.