Map Limits

Oh man!

What a pain in the bum it is to be exploring around the edge of the map and then whammo i’ve been thrown back on to a road!

Kudos to FH4 map design where we could drive as far as we like and we either hit a wall, a cliff, run out of traction etc but still can always continue exploring without the hand of god placing you back on a road!

Otherwise loving the game even with its little quirks, looking forward to updates.

What’s annoyed me most in this regard so far is that there is a natural border created by a river in the north. I started following it and just as I started thinking “neat, I’ll just follow this natural border across the top” WHAMMO I’m plopped on a road and the actual game border seems to be a random hill.

Funny, you just reminded me of while I was cruising along having a whinge to my mate in the convoy about it and all of a sudden there was some obvious rock walls for preventing access… 2 meters in front of that WHAMMO i’m back on the road. (we learnt of this frustration at the south of the map by the abandoned airfield)

I think I’d like a WHAMMO horn.