Mad Mike's ''Radbul'' MX5

This is my first time doing a decent looking replica, I usually do Itasha paints, but i wanted to see if i could do something with logo’s and sponsors. Figured out the new Radbul mx5 wasn’t too hard and decided to give it a go on the Mazda Mx5 Cup. Came out better than I expected so I decided to share it under my gamertag (SPQR Jackson) and see if someone else likes it.

(there are some flaws on the bonnet in these pics, they’ve been corrected on the shared livery)


If this truly is your first attempt at a replica paint then you are gifted indeed. The logos are crisp and clean and while the bodywork is not quite expert level (Front vent, rear arch is much better) the fact that you included it at all is truly impressive. The logos are crisp and clean and I think that you could have quite the future in painting. Keep up the great work and welcome to the forums.

Cheers, Ace

thanks a lot, been painting fantasy stuff for quite a lot of time, but i always found logo work truly hard, so (apart from some terrible cars that i want to forget), I never tried replica’s. Decided to try with this car anyway and it didn’t look bad to me ahahahah. I feel you’re right for the front vent, but that is the best i could do…

Very nice! I seen this car on facebook the other day and thought about doing it. As Ace said, the logos are nice and clean, you just need to work on the front fender a little bit and it will be gold! Keep up the good work! :slight_smile:

Thats a cool replica, and good job on putting the widearch too it as well!
Only logo that could do with a quick fix is the KW, text is a little off vs the real one but as a first rep its a brilliant attempt well done!
Keep painting more reps as we’d like to see them for sure!


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Dang, I wish this was on FM4 so I could get it! Great job man, keep it up! : )

See this car on Twitter knew it was coming from someone great job for a first time replica :+1:

I can’t see the pictures, can u please repost them? thank you

Same here bro, cant see anything lol :slight_smile:

Yeah I can’t see any images either. I’m currently making this myself, I didn’t know anyone else had made it already. Would love to see the pics

His was pretty good, it didn’t have a spoiler mount though haha


That’s weird, no idea why this happened. will take some more pics of it tomorrow and I’ll put a wing on it lol.
Thanks for letting me know about this guys