Loudest Supercharger/Turbos.

Ok So i want to know what cars have the loudest Superchargers/Turbos out there (Non DLC)? So far the loudest Supercharged ones i have is the 2000 Ford SVT Cobra (V8) and the RAM Runner (6.4 Swap)… The loudest one i’ve seen is the International Scout which i don’t have sadly. So what do you guys think are good cars with a loud whine/shututututut?

The Lamborghini Diablo with stock engine has a very loud supercharger whine :slight_smile:

Yea i checked that one out and it does sounds awesome thanks.

And ill definitely check out the others. I also noticed that the Chevy SS V8 TT sounds amazing aswell and the Hennessy Venom’s Backfire is crazy loud too if anyone wants to know. Ill try to add more cars that sound good as i get them and upgrade.

85 toyota corolla makes some great turbo noise with the standard engine as does the old fairlady z

The holden gtsr? I think with a semi racing supercharger screams stupidly loud and the newest viper with twin turbo setup has crazy turbo flutter oh and the old ford gt has great turbo sounds too.

wait til you put the blower on any of the stock AMC motors, easy to hear the car coming up from behind…

what’s an blower ? a turbo ?

^ supercharger

International Harvester Scout is very very loud…

1971 Plymouth Cuda v8 Supercharged.
1979 Chevy Camaro v8 Supercharged
1988 Chevy Monte Carlo SS v8 Twin Turbo
2015 Camaro Z/28 v8 Supercharged
2016 Camaro SS v8 Twin Turbo
1987 GNX v8 Supercharged
2011 RS 5 Coupe v8 Twin Turbo
2012 300 v8 Twin Turbo

These are a couple more cars with Turbos and Supercharger sounds that you can hear. Not as loud as I want but you still kinda hear them.

The Talbot lotus with stock engine and supercharger, the supercharger literally overpowers the I4 sound.

Sadly it’s a dlc car and I can’t get it. Thanks for sharing anyways.