Lost my friends

First off. I am not here to bash T10 or Forza. I am just stating a fact. When there was only the Xbox 360 and Forza 4 , I made a lot of new friends and even joined a club. Forza 4 was a way for me to unwind and meet new people across the world, develop new relationships with different cultures and of course make new friends. I can honestly say I have lost those relationship’s because none of my friends play Forza 5, because of the lack of features we all know that were in Forza 4. Many of which was community based. I always think we should be adding to a game and not removing. I see on these boards many people say " Its a new game on a new console" . Honestly, I disagree. If the game was not ready to be better that Forza 4 and was going to have less content then it should of not been released. Many well known titles which I wont mention did not release titles be cause they were not ready. Simple features were taken out and I don’t understand why they were removed, like the following below. Many of my friends said they left because the wheel support issue. They could not afford 500 on a Xbox, 60 on a game and 400 on a new wheel.

Distance between drivers
Car Clubs
Viewing online replay
Private lobbies
( My biggest one is - The way you vote people out of an online race, Its like its a secret) Everyone should see the vote

With all my issues I really like Forza 5, but if a newer version is released I will be waiting prior to purchasing.

Plenty who will agree with you dude. In fact a search will reveal that this issue has been covered a lot. As such a mod might lock or move this thread. So if you find it somewhere else, that’s what happened. LOL
For what it’s worth, some of the community slant is coming back with Horizon 2. There will be car meets where you can cruise, race, share paints and tunes. Up to 12 people in a lobby, and up to 1000 people in your car club. Hopefully that will be a start to rebuilding the community side of things thats all but gone right now. So fingers crossed for Horizon 2!

Tbh the forum is where I have ran into most friends… just reach out to people man. Their are threads with people literally begging for friends.

I ment to quote the OP oops

How long would you have been willing to wait for Forza 4 levels of content? The same timeframe we had between Forza 2 and Forza 4?