Looking for Drift Friends? ( Transgender MTF)

Hey I really enjoy drifting but I am too anxious to make friends as I hate my voice alot, is there anyone who would want to drift together and maybe tandem? I am not amazing but I can Drift ok and know some battle routes :slight_smile:

Thanks for reading <33


guess not :frowning:

No need to bring your personal prefence here nobody asked , keep that stuff away kids plays this game


They didnt need to bring their personal life into this, sure. They probably chose to be open about it so not to incur the wrath of people who feel wronged when the topic comes up in private at a later date. Voice is a big issues for a lot of transgender people, more so on the MtF side of the fence. On the other side of things however, you also dont need to show your open bigotry either. Show a little compassion, get educated on the issues, or just ignore them.


i’d drift with you! my voice sucks too i sound like i’m like, 3

You can add me and we can drift anytime you want. GamerTag: TFXxDuratec

Hello friend!

Making friends is hard, so hang in there! It gets better!

I’m gay and I never play with voice chat for the same reason, but I’d love to drift or tandem! Come hang me on Xbox, YouTube, and Twitch TV at Kansei Dori, it’s always a safe space.

I’ve have been playing Forza Motorsport 7 for a years on Xbox One with controller and recently picked up Assetto Corsa (AC) and Project Cars 2 during their Spring sale. I recently upgraded to a gaming PC and a Fanatec CSL Elite wheel, so I’m learning AC, Assetto Corsa Competizione, rFactor 2 whilst simultaneously streaming it for the world to join and ridicule. I also want to make a Discord for Gaymers in the LGBTQIA+ community so hmu for feedback or to join as well!

P.s. Thank you to the lad who called out the bigotry! Your support speaks volumes and I appreciate it a lot!