Looking for clean racers for Private R class

I have never posted in the lounge before but I would like to find a clean group of racers to race in a private R lobby on a regular basis. I’m thinking in the evenings stating at 9PM Eastern and going to whenever. All skill levels will be welcome but corner cutting and wrecking will not be tolerated. Mature racers only please. So just give me some feedback and maybe next week we can start something.

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Buddy we are on almost every night

Add me


And search Facebook for


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Anyone interested in racing R clean??

Me and my friends hold private lobbys nearly every night from 1900 gmt till late. Not sure if that’s within your time frame but if it is just add me on xbox amd join on my name. If you want to host yourself that’s fine just invite me and I will fill your lobby with clean racers


I’m currently running an R class series for Blancpain on sat nights 9pm GMT and on Sundays I run a V8 Supercars series (which ok is S class but once this if finished I’ll be doing a multi class IMSA series which of course is R class for GTLM) IF anyone is interested providing they are clean racers and an adult (we’re all generally aged from 20’s to early 50’s) then you are welcome to get in touch with me. The Blancpain series is only 3 races in and the V8 is over half way through, but more importantly would be a good testing ground for IMSA.

more info held at www.icracing.co.uk in the Forza section for V8 Supercars and Blancpain.

Or PM me or xbox message me or reply here.

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I’m a vintage forza player, hoping to eventually hook up with enough mature players in the UK.

The random blend of, how can i put this… psycopathic driving styles, is not my thing.


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Feel free to hook up with us , any of you see

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I guess we should all just add each other as friends. We are obviously all clean and frustrated with the nonsense. Feel free to add me. I still would like to setup a nightly lets say R-X and maybe in time I probably can but it will be a little while I think to gather enough people. I will even twitch it if that is what people want. My sessions will be calm and relaxing and I think it will be a lot of fun.
thank guys

Howdy, I am very interested in driving with yall. I have raced with a group back in forza 4, this is my first time back into sim racing., Add me, MrTechit

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I’ve got 7 including myself, possibly a few more. Lets do a test run this Tues April 5 at 9PM eastern. I will sent invites out. Hope to see you there!

I’ll be asleep then, but good luck to everyone taking part :slight_smile:

Hey man. Add me and I’ll do my part to make it most nights. thatblackguy368

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